Dec 15, 2010

Teaching Your Child The Power Of Stillness & What's The Best Thing About Your Kids?

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What is the Best Thing about Your Kids?

It's easy to get into the habit of complaining about our kids.  They drive us up the wall sometimes!  But I find it really healing to think about the good qualities in my daughter, especially when I'm feeling drained by her.

The best thing about my daughter is her crazy wacky personality.  She is absolutely hilarious and I swear if she was in public school, she would be the class clown!  She feeds off other people's laughter and that just makes her progressively funnier. :)  She is especially good at brightening my mood when I'm feeling down, and I have to give her credit for getting me through some pretty rough patches.

What is the best thing about your kid(s)?

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Over at our friend Carol's ArtMuseDogs ~ Share The Creative Journey BlogFrog Community there's a great discussion going on about allowing children unstructured time and meditation. 

~ Teaching Your Child The Power Of Stillness ~
Do you ever allow your child unstructured time. Time to dream, play and just be.
It's so important to demonstrate to our children how to take a time out and just sit in silence. Even for 30 seconds or a minute and listen to the stillness. To be comfortable in our own skin without constant interruption on electronics, people and our own need for doing.
Having children spend one hour a week journaling, painting, writing, walking in nature helps create a habit of calming our world down and tuning into our creative side.

Visit the "Teaching your child the power of stillness." Discussion

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Eat To Live said...

It is so great that your daughter has the power of laughter. Laughter is healing.

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Dee said...

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Thank You Dee! Comments like yours assure us we are on the right track. We hope you sign up for our newsletter and stay in touch.

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