Jan 10, 2012

Join Stacy and Carol for a live chat with Loren Buckner, LCSW
Loren began her career as a substance abuse counselor in Waitsfield, Vermont. In 1980, she and her husband moved to Barcelona, Spain, where they taught English for two years. From Spain, they moved to Tampa, Florida, where Loren worked in community mental health for many years. She is currently in private practice as a psychotherapist. Loren has spoken to parents locally, nationally, and internationally about the emotional challenges of raising children. Her book ParentWise offers parents professional counsel in the privacy of their own homes and is a valuable resource for parents to return to again and again.

Join Carol & Stacy for a live chat with Loren Buckner in their Blogfrog Parenting Community. Click here to join live chat.

January, 10th.
9 PM Eastern ~ 8 Central ~ 7 Mountain ~ 6 Pacific

Prizes and sponsors!
  • A lucky chat participant will win their very own copy of ParentWise: The Emotional Challenges of Family Life And How To Deal With Them By Loren Buckner, LCSW
  • All chats are sponsored by Grace from Blessed Elements ~ Nurture Your Creative Elements. Grace always creates a one-of-a kind gift for one of our lucky chat participants.
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