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2023 Intentional Conscious Parenting Family Planner And Calendar

Get organized with the Intentional Conscious Parenting 2023 Family Planner and Calendar.
A Yearly, Monthly, Weekly Organizer To Support Moms On A Conscious Parenting Path.

This 2023 Intentional Conscious Parenting Family Planner And Calendar is not your typical planner. It features Intentional Conscious Parenting Tips And Affirmations to help assist you along your conscious parenting journey.

Meet Carol and Stacy. They have been the authors behind Intentional Conscious Parenting for over a decade and the book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. This year they have compiled information from their writings and added them to their very own Calendar and Planner.

Designed to help you keep track of your monthly, and weekly goals and activities throughout the year.

2023 Year At A Glance
2023 Monthly Calendar Page
Section For Contacts

Each Month Features:
Intentional Conscious Parenting Tips
Affirmations To Support Moms
Monthly Goals
Mindfulness Tracker
Dream Log
Energetic Tips
Menu Planning
Grocery Lists
Homeschool/Homework Sheet
Homeschool/School Events
Hydration Reminders
Bills Check List
To-Do Sheet
Self Care
Monthly house cleaning goals
Monthly Gratitudes
12 Month Planner
Each Month - Two Page Spread With Place To Write Notes

Available in Three Options:
218 Color pages
Glossy Paperback Cover
Fun Affirmations, Crystals, Flowers, and Various Graphics Bring This Calendar/Planner To Life!
Perfect Gift Idea!

Available on Amazon Kindle.

10 Ways To Parent Consciously presents a new way of parenting for parents choosing an intentional conscious parenting path. This is a book for those seeking to shift from traditional parenting to a more mindful present approach. Topics focused on are the benefits of proper nutrition, creative expression, frequency & vibration, trusting intuition, and taking care of the parents and the child’s energetic bodies. Enhancing their psychic abilities and learning about the power of their minds. 

We also engage parents with alternative optimistic everyday parenting skills they can use to teach their children about the significance of connecting with nature and how to flow with life changes and be Ok with it. We incorporate using affirmations and also share techniques for expressing gratitude and the relevance of not being defined by the labels that society will try and place on them. Our book teaches parents how to parent with an open mind while focusing on self-care, building their child’s self-esteem, and teaching them how to nourish their child’s body, mind, and soul. Our book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradgim is also available on Etsy.

Available on Amazon Kindle 
Women on Purpose: 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling

We are truly honored to be a part of a collaboration with so many inspirational women! 

Have you gone through periods in your life where everyone else seemed to be way more aligned to their purpose than you?

Many of us feel behind on our life’s mission. Our highest calling can often feel right at our fingertips, yet slightly out of reach.
So, how exactly do you align to your purpose and live it without apology?

In Women On Purpose, 13 women share their inspiring stories and practical tips to finding and living their purpose. Each of the women has been where you are – wanting more meaning and deeper clarity of purpose, along with how to live it. You’ll discover how these women overcame their defining moments, fears, and challenges to thrive in their purpose.
And the amazing thing is? You can create this for yourself too!

Women On Purpose co-authors:
Jennifer Longmore
Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten
Carolyn McGee
Eunkyung Yang
Jami Hearn
Mari Campbell
Pragito Dove
Rhonda Hohmann
Robyn McKay, PhD
Sofia Garcia Ladera
Tay and Val