About Us

Intentional Conscious Parenting with Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

Intentional Conscious Parenting is a place to share ideas on raising children in an intentional way with a focus on inner connectedness, trusting our intuition, and connecting with spirit, each other, and mother earth. 

We believe in celebrating each child's uniqueness and encourage bringing out each child's unique inner creativity. We feel it is just as important to teach children about their energy bodies as it is about their physical bodies. 

Let's explore alternative parenting concepts and create an intentional conscious parenting community together.

About Us

Stacy Toten & Carol Lawrence

Hello, My name is Stacy Toten. (I'm on the left) 
I am happily married, I have two grown Indigo daughters, 1 dog, and 1 cat. I love writing, reading, listening to my husband Ed perform, honoring mother earth, watching movies, and sharing my spiritual gifts with the world. 

I have worked right alongside parents assisting them on their spiritual parenting paths for many years and have helped with special needs children in school and home settings. My husband and I co-authored a self-help spiritual motivational book titled, M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. 

Hello, My name is Carol Lawrence. (I'm on the right)
Dreams do come true. I'm thriving in the mountains with my husband of 37 years and five chickens while relishing time spent with my sons and three granddaughters. 

I’ve published numerous blogs, paperback journals, and parenting printables. I have a passion for supporting parents along their conscious parenting journey, helping others with conscious living, and my clients behind the scenes in their businesses with amplifying their brands. Get to know me better and receive my support along your conscious parenting journey. Sign up for my Voxer coaching today!

Together we became best-selling co-authors of Women On Purpose; 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling, co-authored our Intentional Conscious Parenting blog, and our book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. 

We have been best friends for 37 years. Our two families raised our children together. When we met we shared similar beliefs and connected on a soul-to-soul level right away. 

Ed and Stacy ~ Carol and Randy ~1997

Together we are fulfilling a passion to write children's and parenting books that support the inner light of the children. Tools for the conscious parent toolbox!

We both have written our first children's ABC spiritual picture book and will be publishing it soon.

🦋 Our book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm is available to purchase and download. 

Special Story: We both had the honor of being personal caregivers to an amazing friend during the last five years of her life. Our dear friend Ruth demonstrated how to fully embrace life and live it to the fullest up until the time of transition at 100 years of age. Her acceptance of mankind and her being able to live in such a state of gratitude empowered and propelled us forward onto our spiritual writing path which we had talked about creating for over twenty years. Ruth taught us you can live a long, healthy, joyful, spiritually awakened life up until your last breath.

Stacy and Carol with Ruth (age 98-2007) 

We are fulfilling our mission to assist those who want to raise children in a present and intentional conscious way.

Here on our blog, we feature new and published guest authors, conscious parenting content, interviews, reviews, sponsored posts, an occasional sponsored post, and printable giveaways (through our newsletter). We hope you'll take your time and look around. We are hoping to connect our voice with yours. 

We love connecting with people on an authentic level.

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To reach out to us email Carol at intunedparenting@gmail.com 

Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children, 
Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten