Thursday, August 21, 2014

Parenting Coming Out Of The Dark Ages?

We found this video so pleasing, especially since we reviewed Dr. Shefali's book The Conscious Parent in 2010 and hosted a live chat with her in March 2011. It's so magical to us that conscious parenting is finally taking center stage. Like we've said before we've raised our children this way starting 30 years ago. Since Dr. Shefali appeared with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday it is now getting the recognition that we feel is needed for our children, parents and society. 

We resonate with the words Sabrina Brightstar talks about in this video. She's right, we are all responsible for the children. Our beliefs, thoughts, ability to love ourselves and evolve does have an impact on today's children. We hope all you parents will take a look at this video. It is time to change the world by changing how we parent. 

Children Help Parents Evolve and Release OLD Parenting Programs

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Dr. Mercola's Sunscreen and After Sun Moisturizing Cream

When we were approached by Dr. Mercola to write a review about his sunscreen we were delighted. We are avid followers of Dr. Mercola and we respect his work, especially his viewpoint on nutrition and health. If you've never heard of him we recommend looking him up! 

"I believe that proper nutrition, not medicine, is the key to good health." ~ Dr. Mercola

We lived in Arizona with our two families for over 15 years and rarely ventured outside without sunscreen. This is an area in which we felt we could give a fair review on since playing in the sun has been a big part of our lives. Stacy has worked for dermatologists for over twenty years and has seen the negative effects of too much unsafe sun exposure. 

When the Natural After Sun Moisturizing Cream and Sunscreen arrived we immediately put them to the test. Stacy's granddaughter just happened to be preparing to get in her swimming pool. Stacy slathered Dr. Mercola's Sunscreen SPF 50 all over her. 

"It was 94 degrees outside that day." 

It went on smoothly, rubbed in very easily. She reapplied it twice in the 90 minutes she was swimming. We found it to work rather excellent. There was no signs that she had been in the sun earlier that day by nightfall. 
We realize lot's of sunscreens that are on the market can achieve this same result but are not safe. We are sold on this sunscreen because it's all natural and safe to put on children's skin and our own. After all we are just little kids just all grown up! Stacy also was really impressed with the sunscreen herself as she has Vitiligo on the top of her hands, (which means her pigmentation is gone and you can burn very easily.) She also used this sunscreen on the top of her hands and found the sun was unable to penetrate the layer of protection. Which resulted in not burning the tops of her hands. 

The second product Dr. Mercola's Natural After Sun Moisturizing Cream with Astaxanthin is a huge hit with both our families. The light pleasant scent reminds us of the faint smell of baby powder. We just can't get enough. Carol is able to use this on her face without breaking out or any skin irritation. This shows us how pure it really is. She's used many products through the years, and maybe one out of 100 would not cause a break out or reaction of any kind. This moisturizing cream goes on smoothly and one of the great features of it is it has antioxidants in it, which is something we all need. Especially as we age. 

If you desire a toxic free lifestyle we highly recommend both these products. 

Dr. Mercola’s Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 is a higher-protection formula safe for both adults and kids. It provides broad spectrum UV protection with 22.5% zinc oxide and 6% titanium dioxide for additional sun exposure protection.
It also provides you with 100% chemical-free protection, plus:
  • Contains antioxidant-rich green tea to help protect your skin
  • Has NO nanoparticles
  • Naturally nourishes, protects, and moisturizes your skin
  • Has NO artificial fragrances or potentially toxic ingredients
Added bonuses: It's hypoallergenic and vegan, too!

After Sun Moisturizer with Astaxanthin is focused on a solid supply of antioxidants to help protect your skin from sun damage and neutralize free radicals.
This sensational skin care product is specially formulated for use after sunbathing or after bathing – no matter the season. And even if you feel like it’s been months since you’ve actually seen the sun, it’s ideal for you too. Works wonders even if you’re stuck in a cold, dry climate with long winters!
Our proprietary blend combines healthful skin-supporting ingredients with powerful antioxidants like green tea and astaxanthin for your face and body.
This unique natural formula is hypoallergenic, contains no emulsifiers or chemical preservatives… has a soft, pleasant scent.

Together intuitively Carol and Stacy are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They are assistant editors for the family and parenting community at All Things Healing.They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, and conscious parenting articles.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliates and received no compensation for this review except the trial products.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Interview With Author Annie Kagan - The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There's Life After Death

Recently we reviewed the book "The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There's Life After Death."

"A real life, inspiring, engaging, emotionally involved, deliberate, well-informed-highly intuitive book." ~ Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers will draw you in and keep you engaged until the very last word.

A real life, inspiring, engaging, emotionally involved, deliberate, well-informed-highly intuitive book. This book will expand your minds and take you to places some of you may have never gone before. And this is a good thing. Annie Kagan will illuminate life and death by taking you on a vivid, colorful ride of her life through the impactful messages received from her brother in the after life.

Here's a few answers to some of her most asked questions. Enjoy!

Carol and Stacy: What is your book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” about?

Annie: It’s the story of how my brother Billy began visiting me after he died and convinced me to accompany him on his journey through the mysteries of the afterlife.  That experience changed the way I thought and felt about everything.

Carol and Stacy:  How did your brother Billy first appear to you? Did you physically see him or hear him or both?

Annie: A few weeks after his death Billy woke me at dawn. I was in bed and heard him call my name from above me. It was my brother’s unmistakable voice calling to me like he was at the top of a long stairway and I was at the bottom.  I didn’t see him then, but I did later on. How he communicated changed, as he changed.

Carol and Stacy:  How did hearing from your brother make you feel? Was it scary?

Annie: It was the opposite of scary. Billy was my bad-boy brother so when he told me he was drifting through the universe and all his pain was gone I was relieved. And while Billy spoke, the bliss of his world flowed into me and made me feel almost euphoric.

Carol and Stacy: Why do you call Billy your “bad-boy” brother?

Annie: All his life, Billy had a romance with the dark side. He was in and out of drug problems until finally, his addiction brought him to an addict’s death. But Billy was also fun and adventurous and charismatic. His favorite thing was helping people and that’s what he’s doing now; helping. In a way being a drug addict gave him a different understanding of life. He didn’t do well at life but he sure learned a lot about life’s difficulties.

Carol and Stacy:  Your book has become an international bestseller and has now been translated into many different languages. Over 120,000 people from more than 50 countries are following you on Facebook. Why do you think Billy’s message has resonated with so many people?

Annie:  I think it’s because Billy’s giving us spiritual knowledge in a street-cred kind of way. Billy wakes up what we knew in the higher realms, before we were born. That knowledge empowers us to be ourselves and live by our truth, not by society’s rules.


Annie Kagan began writing songs at the age of fifteen and began performing in New York City cafes and clubs. After ten years as a songwriter and performer, Annie became a Doctor of Chiropractic and opened a successful private practice on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Attracted to Eastern spiritual traditions, Annie studied yoga and pursued an intense meditation practice. Following her inner voice, she left her career as a doctor and abandoned her hectic city life in search of serenity in a small house by the bay on the tip of Long Island. Soon, her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife. She brings together her talents as a lyricist, performer and healer in order to touch the lives of others with Billy's communications from the other side.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

8 Year Old Boy Builds Crystal Grids.

Gather the crystal children together and they'll be unstoppable! Imagine what it will be like as they get older and become adults. They already are amazing. They are already healing the planet and teaching those around them how to do the same. 

Take a look at Adam, an 8 year old boy who builds crystal grids. Not only does he build them but he explains how they clear negative energy. He even explains how it all works, how they communicate with him and more! 

If your kids have an interest in stones, energy and feels a deep connection to Mother Earth, be sure to show them this video. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Energetic Hygiene

Don't forget to take care of your energy bodies. They are just as important as your physical bodies. You can't have one without the other!

What are ways you take care of your child's energetic health?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: Best Summer Ever - A Summer's Worth of Fun, Inexpensive Art & Learning Projects.

Best Summer Ever - A Summer's Worth of Fun, Inexpensive Art and Learning Projects To Occupy Kids 6-11 At Home For Hours At A Time. By Leila Kalmbach

Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

As any of our readers know, the past four years we have been huge advocates for bringing out the inner creativity of your child and the great benefits of connecting them with nature.

Leila has compiled an easy to read guide for any parent, grandparent, camp counselor, babysitter or anyone who is looking for fun-filled easy to make, create or bake summer ideas!

There are over 50 ideas to keep your kids entertained all summer long. We really like the idea of screen free projects. In this day and age our children could use a technology break from time to time. One of the best features of this handy book is you probably have 90% of all the supplies in your house. If not, your local dollar store or crafts store should have the rest. You can modify these ideas for younger or older age children. We love the idea of making homemade ice cream with no electricity. How about the idea of creating a solar oven! Science projects, art, music, there's a little something for everyone. Your child won't be disappointed. These fun activities will stimulate your child's imagination and help them get in touch with their inner creativity.

Whether it's roasting hot outside or pouring down rain, there is plenty of projects you can choose from. Go to Amazon and grab your Kindle copy for only $2.99! Worth every penny spent.

Leila Kalmbach is a writer and copy editor based in Austin, Texas. Since 2006, she has written over 400 articles on the topics of health and wellness, life-changing, true stories, travel and more, for publications and businesses in Austin and around the world. Her work has appeared in Austin Monthy, Tasmanian Life, Yoga Sanga, The Austin Business Journal, CultureMap, Austin WeddingDay, Long Island Bride and Groom, Texas School Businesses, and many others. Along the way she's also spent time as underwater whale, shark photographer, a bakery food trailer owner, a swim teacher, an elementary school tutor through AmeriCorps and a legislative proofreader.

Leila holds a B.A. in psychology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. In her free time, she enjoys baking and swimming and is an avid traveler, but her biggest passion is hearing and writing about the life-changing experiences that have shaped people into who they are today. Read more at

Follow Leila on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure policy: This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten. This blog has occasional guest authors. This blog accepts sponsorship from the Amazon Associates program,and various publishing companies; therefore links to products such as books or movies will often send readers to the or publishing websites. Whenever a reader purchases one of these products, the blogger may receive a small compensation. We do not receive a fee for reviews. All our reviews are from the heart!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How does one help their children succeed in life? Guest Article By Kathleen Boucher

Congratulations to Kathleen Boucher. She recently was awarded the 2014 Book Of The Year award for her book A Simple Idea To Empower Kids: Teen's Edition and 2014 Preferred Choice Award (Kids Category) for A Simple Idea To Empower Kids: based on the power of love, choice and belief.

How does one help their children succeed in life? By teaching them to have a strong work ethic.

Wouldn’t it be great if each child born on earth came with their own unique instruction manual? How valuable would that be? And yet for all the books written to help parents, I have not found any that discuss work ethic. But hold on. I can hear you saying,” Wait a minute we are doing the best job that we can. We raise our children to believe in themselves, to take care of their bodies and their minds. We teach them to value their family, their friends and their community. We teach them to understand that to live in a country that is free is a gift not to be taken lightly. Is it even important to teach our children a strong work ethic? What is it exactly?” Work ethic is defined as a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence. Where do these values come from? How can we teach them to our children? Children often learn by example. In this case they observe the work ethics of their parents or caregivers and the values that govern their behavior.

Here is a story I have told my children ever since they were small. Unfortunately, I gave the book away.  A young man worked in a soda fountain shop after school to make extra money. His job was to clean the floor and the shop after it closed so it was ready for business the next day. He worked there three evenings a week. He never missed an evening of work or called in sick. One day the owner of the shop came to him and told him he could no longer afford to pay him. On his last evening of work the young man decided he would make the soda fountain shop “sparkle,” it was so clean. He wanted to be remembered for the great job he did and his strong work ethic. Two weeks went by and the owner appeared on the young man’s door-step, frantic the young man had found another job. He asked him to consider coming back as he was such a hard worker that he realized he could not do without him. The young man did.

So the question is: Does having a strong work ethic make a person more valuable in the work- place? I believe it does. Does a person stand out and get noticed when they have a strong work ethic? I guess that would depend on how many people one is working with that also have a strong work ethic. The answer would still be yes in my opinion. So how is this set of values learned? I am a firm believer in leading by example. I also think one should talk to children about having a strong work ethic as part of their up- bringing. This is the way it was taught to me. At work, you do the best job you can. You take pride in the work you do. You show up on time. Lately I have noticed there are more people out in the work- force doing the bare minimum than there are those that go the extra mile. I know of a young man who, if his store does not have the item the client needs, makes an extra effort to find the item and directs them where to purchase it. People go out of their way to shop at this store because of the service he provides. So include a discussion with your children about what it means to have a good work ethic. Teach them that a strong work ethic and going that extra mile will make them invaluable in the work- place. It will fill them with pride of a job well done and a sense of self-worth that one cannot put a price on. Let us empower our children to succeed in life and live their lives happy.

Kathleen Boucher has been a registered nurse for the past 37 years. She currently lives in Canada. She loves people, especially kids since she gets to actively help them realize that there is 'greatness' in each one of them.

"My goal has always been to do something that brought value to the entire world. It is my hope and intention that this great book ‘A Simple Idea to Empower Kids’, empowers kids around the world. John F, Kennedy had the right idea when he said "Children are the World's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." Let us empower our kids to help them find their purpose and live their lives authentically doing something they love. Let us teach them early that they can do, be, or have anything they desire. The sky is the limit!"

Visit her website to learn more and download free motivational posters! Posters are available in several languages.

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Inside Every Dad Is A Little Boy ~ Happy Fathers Day!

(Randy Lawrence and Ed Toten skipping rocks.)

Happy Father's Day From Intentional Conscious Parenting 

Dad, fathers, pops, pa, step dad. Whatever name you call them they are essential to our families, societies, work force, etc.

We just could not exist without our precious dads. They bring and teach so much to our children and their families. The masculine energy vibrates through out our world in such a precise way whether it be chaos or untainted calmness it is a very welcomed energy.

Remember inside every dad is a little boy.

Baby crying, needs diaper changed, a child falls down and scrapes a knee, knee needs a band-aid, bike has a flat tire, hurt feelings just need a hug. Dad to the rescue! Children carry these memories through-out their lives and thrive on them.

There is no dress rehearsal for dad, no rule books, just perseverance around every corner. They don't stop, their love infiltrates their children's blood streams, atoms, molecules, and DNA. It is a thing of beauty to see in action. There is definitely nothing routine about being a dad. Every day, every hour, every second is different. 

Remember inside every dad is a little boy.

Stacy Toten along with her husband Ed are doctors of Metaphysics. They have been practitioners for over twenty-five years. Happily married for 33 years, together they have two beautiful daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Stacy is also co-author of Intentional Conscious Parenting and co-editor and a regular contributor to the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. Together they enjoy spending time helping others along their spiritual path and relishing in mother nature. Connect with Stacy and Ed on Twitter!

To begin any examination of your life, you must first ask yourself a simple question. "Who am I?" Thus begins the journey of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. The emphasis being on the soul. The goal of this book is for you to realize life as a "Free Thinking Human Being." Through the writing of this book we hope to share in the awakening of those who are so desperately searching for answers in today's ever-changing world. Action is the essential element in the realization of any dream. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A real life, inspiring, engaging, emotionally involved, deliberate, well-informed-highly intuitive book.

Click on book to go directly to Amazon!

Three weeks ago I came across a photo meme (picture with a quote) on Facebook that someone I followed had shared. It was a meme by Annie Kagan author of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There Is Life After Death I immediately liked her page. All her quotes where fully resonating with me. I knew I wanted to read her book. I'm a huge believer in source energy, the afterlife and have had many conversations with the spirit world myself. During this time my dad's health took a turn for the worse. On the night of May 14th I dreamed all night long a continuous dream. I was sitting with a counsel of beings and Billy. They showed me I would be reading Annie's book during my weekend camping trip. I was in fact prepping to go camping to try and find some balance in nature after our long winter. When in reality it was to prepare me for my father's passing.  When I woke up the following morning I told the Universe or Billy, whomever was prompting me to read The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers, if you want me to read it then our local used book store must have a copy. I'm heading out to go camping and I don't have time to order it. I was leaving to go camping within hours. Sure enough when I called The Book Exchange they had one copy in stock. It was brand spanking new. 

I read The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers in two days during my hiatus in the forest. I cried, I laughed and breathed it all in. I came home Sunday afternoon on May 18th and received a call about my dad. Your dad is dying, you need to call him right away. I called him and told him it's ok to go and how much I love him. He passed a half hour later that evening.  Even though I know there's life after death and that we are so much more than we think we are, Annie's book  brought me to a calmness as I work through the loss of my father. I'm awaiting his messages from across the veil.  I soon passed my copy onto Stacy. I couldn't wait for her to read it. She couldn't put the book down either! ~ Carol

Here is our full review. If what we have to say resonates with you we encourage you to read The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers. How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There Is Life After Death.  

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers will draw you in and keep you engaged until the very last word.

It is a real life, inspiring, engaging, emotionally involved, deliberate, well-informed-highly intuitive book. This book will expand your minds and take you to places some of you may have never gone before. And this is a good thing. Annie Kagan will illuminate life and death by taking you on a vivid, colorful ride of her life through the impactful messages received from her brother in the after life.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Children Don't Need Fixing - A Conscious Parenting Approach

Here are two short videos with Dr. Shefali with Oprah on Own. Both of them are really good and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to see them. Enjoy!!

A full on parenting approach. Parenting from a place of intunement.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary: Children Don't Need Fixing - Super Soul Sunday - OWN

The One Thing Children Want (That Money Can't Buy) - Super Soul Sunday - OWN