Be Strong By Bending

Many of you know Dr. Wayne Dyer transitioned from the physical realm to the spiritual realm this past month. We personally were greatly impacted by his wisdom. His knowledge will go on teaching humanity millenniums to come. 

A Tribute To Wayne Dyer. Watch now for free. 


 A genuine soul speaking to her mother and secretly to all humanity (in our opinion). Wise words from an old soul.

After listening to her divorced parents arguing, this little 6y/o gives mom a lesson that mom realized we should all hear, so she shared it.. Take 2 minutes to listen because this little girl is wise beyond her years.... And let's hope she gets what she wants :)
Posted by John Thomas on Sunday, September 20, 2015


Backpack Snacks: Budget Friendly Foods on the Go [INFOGRAPHIC]

This month's guest post is frrom FoodInsight.Org

We know the kiddo's are heading back to school. It's always a great idea to keep a list of snack and lunch ideas handy. We do encourage you to use handy reusable containers for your lunches to reduce waste. One of our favorites is Bentgo boxes.

The summer is winding down. Backpacks are filled, brand new notebooks, pens and pencils. But how good are backpacks at transporting your child's snacks to school? To keep that thirst for knowledge going all day, students need to keep themselves full and focused. Turns out, there are plenty of nutritious options to stuff in their knapsack. 

  • Trail mix is bite-sized and packed with protein & healthful fats   tweet
  • Add a handful of chocolate chips to your trail mix for a sweet boost of antioxidants   tweet
  • Cereal cups are easy to grab and go with ready made portions   
  • The fiber, protein, and whole grains in cereal cups keep kids feeling full   tweet
  • Cereal cups can be eaten with or without milk  
  • Top celery or carrots with nut butter, sprinkle with dried fruit like raisins to make Ants on a Log   tweet
  • Ants on a Log are fun for kids to make on their own!  tweet
  • Portable snack packs offer lots of different options in your grocery aisle 
  • Make your own portable snack packs by stacking turkey, ham, or pepperoni with cheese on whole wheat crackers   tweet
  • Yogurt cups, tubes, & smoothies are excellent source of protein & calcium   tweet
  • Yogurt cups, tubes, & smoothies are perfect for an energy boost before afternoon activity   tweet
  • Yogurt cups, tubes, & smoothies last up to 4 hours without refrigeration   tweet
5 Budget friendly foods that will survive a backpack and provide on-the-go nutrition (tweet) ensuring kids get the fuel they need without the muss or fuss
Trail Mix
Ants on a Log
Portable Snack Packs
Yogurt Cups, Tubes, & Smoothies
FoodInsight (www.FoodInsight.org) serves as a nutrition and food safety resource for consumers, health professionals, journalists, educators, government officials, and students. Food Insight provides important and timely resources on a variety of topics such as weight management, diet and nutrition, food safety, and food production.


Quantum Kids

We came across the topic of special gifted children over 25 years ago. We are fully excited to see it finally starting to become mainstream. This video captures the abilities of children who can tap into the quantum field and relay messages of the books contents. They are literally reading the books through vibration and touch.


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Thank you for acknowledging how important your role of a parent truly is.~ Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten 

 ~ Supporting The Inner Light Of The Children ~ 


How To Make Herb Butter With Your Children

Many moons ago together we took a horticulture class in college. One of our assignments was to make organic herb butter. We fell in love with herbs and their many medicinal properties and uses.

Here's one of our favorite recipes we like to make all the time. It's perfect for snacks on breads and crackers, add it to your steamed veggies or baked potatoes. It's up to your palate how you use it. This is an easy and quick recipe to make with your children. They could actually do it themselves with your guidance.

Here is the ingredients and supplies  you will need.

* Softened Butter
* Your favorite dried herb
* Bowl for mixing
* Spoon for stirring

Set your butter out on the counter until it's soft and pliable.
Add butter and herb to your bowl.


Easing back-to-school jitters By Mary Jo Rapini

School bells are ringing and kids are everywhere. As you drive slowly through school zones, you can see and feel the excitement in the air. Kids are walking to school, getting out of buses, and being dropped off on the curb. Some of them look excited and are laughing, while others look confused, withdrawn and afraid. Parents have a powerful influence over their child no matter how old their child is in regards to their school-year success. Easing back-to-school jitters is an important step that parents should prepare for and encourage their child to prepare for as well.

"School jitters don't begin the first day of school. Most likely, they were going on during the last third of the summer."