Review: Food With Thought Family Dinner Conversation Questions.

Connect with your family and feed their spirit....UNPLUGGED!

For years while we were raising our children, playing games was always a staple in both our households. Our kids grew up with family game nights. Both of our households have 100+ hours of playing games together. We purposely chose fun, creative, educational, interactive games. To this day even as adults our grown children love to play games and still look forward to game nights. 

What drew us to Shannon Banker's cute little Food With Thought everyday dinner conversation starters was the fact that they are geared towards families to be able to connect more during dinner time. 

Each Food With Thought canister features a wide variety of conversation questions. There are even holiday sets available. Each tin includes 180 question cards to keep your family engaged at mealtime.

"Would you rather be an elf or a reindeer? Why?"

"If you and your friends started a band what would the name of it be?"

Could you imagine a 5 yr old's answer versus an 18 yr old's or a 12 yr old's answer? The conversations you could have are infinite. 

This is a really fun way to encourage everyone to put down their phones, become present in the moment together, engage, have fun and create lasting life time family memories. 


Childrens Book Review: The Hug Store

Sharing *HUGS* with first graders!
Rick & Shana Morrison bring "The Hug Store" to the classroom.

The Hug Store By Shana and Rick Morrison.

When author Rick Morrison reached out to us to review his brand new children's picture book The Hug Store inspired and co-authored by his daughter Shana, we were delighted.

This charming book is overflowing with LOVE. It fills an emotional need that all humans require. (((HUGS)))

It's near and dear to our hearts because it teaches the children how to become self aware, self reliant and how to go within themselves for answers.


The Way You Raise Your Children Matters

What about children coming forth with issues and labels?

Abraham Hicks - What about children coming forth with issues and labels?

Abraham touches on some vital parenting topics that trouble many parents. We encourage you to listen to Abraham's perspective. 

  • Children with labels such as Adhd & Aspergers 
  • Prison
  • Raising abusive children
  • Unconditional love
  • Removing conditions
  • Appreciating your children 


The Inevitable Changing Parent

The ups and downs of having a family with children can be so rewarding and then so very heart wrenching. Life's learning lessons are so intriguing that we as humans don't always understand everything we go through. We do come out however on the other end, thankful for it all. It appears to make us stronger but were we already that strong and just didn't know it? Our molecules and atoms are changing all the time, which means we are changing all the time. This is not by accident. By renewing ourselves we grow and shed and learn and experience and share. The process is endless and we are eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. 

Stacy Toten

Stacy Toten is a doctor of Metaphysics. She has been a practitioner for over twenty-five years, blogger, children's author, book reviewer, author interviewer, co-author of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions, children's behavioral management coach, artist and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She is happily married for 31 years, she has two Indigo daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs. Her passions are writing, reading, mother earth, swimming in the ocean, movies and sharing her spiritual gifts with the world and working with parents and children.

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