Study: Reading to Newborns Helps Improve Literacy and Language Skills

Guest Post By Kelsey Rausch

It can be hard at the end of the day to read yet another book to your young child when trying to lull them to sleep. However, a new study has shown that your efforts may not be for naught, as your child is able to absorb everything you are saying when reading.

We've known for a long time that reading aloud to children from a young age can stimulate their brain development, yet unfortunately, only half of all children are routinely read to by their parents. Hopefully, this new study will be able to inspire parents that those children books are doing a whole world of change and can help their infant's literary skills from day one.


The Hug Who Got Stuck Children's Book Review

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The Hug Who Got Stuck - To All Who Hug

The hug who got stuck is a visually, powerful children's picture book that teaches young children about the power of creating their reality by their own thoughts.

I Am Alone, Nobody Loves Me and I'm Not Good Enough are the kind of thoughts that create a web of sticky thoughts that clog life up with stinkin thinkin. 

Hug, the hero shows the young reader how to stop resisting, let go and JUST BE.
Surrendering to the power and love of the heart.

The illustrator Alexis Aronson gives us such powerful eye candy you can't help but feel the message of love radiating from this book. 

This is the second book we've reviewed from The Conscious Bedtime Story Club.


Psychologist Warns Of Taking Your Kids To Unfamiliar Vacation Destinations

Guest Post By Kelsey Rausch

A British child psychologist is warning parents against taking their children to unfamiliar places. The Telegraph reports that according to Dr. Oliver James' theory, children crave repetition and consistency. He argues that anything else can cause psychological stress.

"Home-based holidays are what most children really want," he said in a statement to The Telegraph.

James argues that more familiar vacation destinations are better options for young travelers. Camping, for example, may be considered one of these places, as 85% of campers took their first trip between birth and age 15. For James and his family, their consistent destination was in Cornwall, England, according to The Telegraph. When he suddenly decided to take his children to France, the family did not all enjoy the vacation equally.


Affirmations For Children

Do you say affirmations with your children? What are some of the affirmations you say?

The two words I AM are very powerful words to start your affirmations with.

A good tip is to stand in front of a mirror with your child and say them out loud.

Here are a few examples:
* I am loved
* I am safe
* I am kind
* I can do it
* I accept and love myself
* I am thankful
* I have lot's of energy
* I am creative
* I'm going to have an awesome day!
* I shine my light brightly upon the world
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children's card decks

Winner of FIVE national awards, these simple yet powerful Children's Spirit Animal Cards by internationally-renowned author Steven D. Farmer offer children of all ages the opportunity to explore the energy of their spirit helpers in animal form.
They will receive beautiful age-appropriate messages of love and guidance to help them as they develop and grow. Stunningly illustrated, this 24-card deck comes with an enclosed guidebook that provides children easy-to-understand insight into each spirit animal and also includes a Guide for Parents. A beautiful wisdom deck that kids will use often and for many more years to come.


Conscious Parenting Interview With Author Andrew Newman

We have a special treat for you! An Interview with Andrew Newman, creative and spiritual author of The Conscious Bedtime Stories - Conscious Bedtime Story Club. Listen in as he shares how he was inspired to write his conscious parenting children's books, inspired by Findhorn, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, his childhood and how he receives inspiration from the universe. We have fallen in love with his book series! We are confident you are going to love them too. 
Please watch our interview and be sure to share it with anyone who is looking for ways to connect more with their children and bring more mindfulness into their parenting.

Before we began we each took three deep breaths together to ground and tune in before bringing you our interview. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it for you. 

Learn more about Andrew at http://www.consciousstories.com/ 
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Importance of Outdoor Playtime Emphasized in Unconventional Preschools Around the World

In a society that has an increasing reliance on technology, it seems people need to be reminded how therapeutic -- and perhaps even necessary -- spending time outside in nature can be. Prior generations of kids used to spend hours outdoors, but parents today are lucky if they can coax their children (or themselves) away from the TV or computer screen. After all, 97% of those aged 18 to 24 have cell phones, and the number of kids with access to tablets, smartphones, and laptops continues to grow.

Now, some preschools around the world are finding a unique solution that encourages children to get outside and away from their gadgets.

In Germany, the answer is known as "waldkitas," or "forest kindergartens." The country has upwards of 1,500 of these outdoor preschools which encourage learning through wilderness play. It may sound like new-age hooey to some naysayers, but there's evidence to show that the approach has a positive effect on kids.


The Elephant Who Tried To Tiptoe Book Review

Talk about attention to detail from cover to cover!

Everything in The Elephant Who Tried To Tiptoe is laid out and written with an open heart with the children's best interest in mind.

Love drips off these pages!

A story that teaches inner beauty as well as outer beauty. Confidence in one's self. You are enough!!! Your body is perfect just the way it is. A book full of spiritual values that can last a lifetime. 

This delightful book is one of the books from The Conscious Bedtime Story Club. You need this book along with the whole series ready on your children's bookshelves. They will keep asking for more. A perfect way to spend time with your child before bed building a deeper connection.


Ways for Families to Explore Nature Together through Various Ages/Stages

Guest Article by Jennifer Miller, M.Ed.
“Mom, come quickly!” E says practically jumping up and down. “There’s a blue jay in our yard!” And this scene has played out over and again but with varying creatures - bunnies, beetles, and butterflies - oh my! If you have a patch of grass outside your door, there’s an opportunity for your kids to explore nature. Take them to a park and no screens, toys or equipment are required for discovery. As we head into the summer months, it seems we are all feeling “nature-starved” and ready to get out to experience the beautiful weather.