How to Travel With Mother Earth in Mind

The list of benefits to taking a vacation does not typically include saving the environment -- or even being nice to it. Even though there are many forms of travel that range in eco-friendliness, the only way to be 100% sure you're not hurting the environment on your trip is to simply not go at all.

Travel can be very polluting when factoring in the different aspects of the trip. From the method of transportation used to how much you pack are all components of the overall carbon footprint you'll leave behind.

However, on the scale of no pollution to a lot of pollution, there are ways that you can manage to stay on the greener side of travel. An assortment of travel choices and various states of mind can show you the best way to travel green for your mindset.

"The Enviro-Matrix" is a guide to help you balance your trip between eco-friendly decisions and the amount of effort you put into it. The grid is split into four subsections, with the vertical axis scaling how green your choice is while the horizontal axis scales how difficult they would be. Using this matrix to help you figure out the greenest possible way to travel would be a beneficial tool to having an eco-friendly trip.


Pain Relief: Safe and Natural Alternatives to Medication

When you experience physical pain, every aspect of your life may be affected. Whether it's a simple headache or debilitating chronic pain, pain can affect your ability to go about your day as normal and spend time with your family. In fact, 59% of people who suffer from chronic pain say their pain has an impact on their overall enjoyment of life. Because of the negative impacts, pain can have on a parent's life, it's important to find healthy ways to manage it. But instead of reaching for a bottle of painkillers, consider trying some of these natural pain management options instead.

Acupuncture is one alternative treatment for pain that is getting recommended more and more often. Studies have found it to be effective for managing pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and injuries. One of the best things about this treatment option is that if it doesn't work, there are no harmful side effects or addiction risks, so there's no harm in trying.

Some experts believe that stress reduction is key to managing pain. Because stress can cause additional physical pain, making current pain even worse, it's important for those who suffer from pain to ensure they're managing their stress levels. Yoga, music therapy, relaxation therapy, and a number of other techniques can be helpful in managing stress and, in turn, physical pain.

With the negative side effects and risk of addiction that come with using prescription painkillers, many people are turning to nature for help in relieving their pain. People are often surprised with how helpful plant-based pain management options can be.


The Dalai Lama's Advice For Children of All Ages Children's Book Review

Intentional Conscious Parenting brings you life lessons and quotes from the Dalai Lama. 

The Dalai Lama's Advice For Children of All Ages

We are going to get straight to the point. Each word in this book is purposely chosen with the Dalai Lama's message about love, compassion, and living our lives from a place of no judgment.

When the Dalai Lama communicates, it comes from a place of love, that's what makes this simplistic book so profound. You can't help but feel it when you read it. 

A true message of unification about raising the vibration of the whole to show the oneness of us all.  We truly are all the same inside and out.

If you are wanting a tool to help teach your children how to grow up into kind, tolerant and loving adults, this is the perfect children's book to add to your conscious parenting book collection. 

Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence, Intentional Conscious Parenting 

The Dalai Lama’s advice for children of all ages is available on Amazon, in English, French and Spanish.


Does Your Child Have a Cold or the Flu?

Each year, cold and flu season sends parents into a frenzy. With the average child coming down with between six and 10 colds each year, there's a slim chance your child won't make it through the year without being sick at least once. Being in tight quarters at school with kids who don't always have the best hygiene practices makes it far too easy to spread germs. But if your child comes home feeling under the weather, it's important to be able to tell the difference between a cold and a fever. Luckily, there are distinct differences between a regular cold and the flu.


Teaching Children About Gratitude

Teaching children gratitude is all about their attitude. More importantly, it's about the parent’s attitude and the mirror image they portray to their children and the rest of the world. 

Gratitude is such a brilliant gift that has been bestowed upon us if we choose it. The sophistication of this gift is simple. It is a choice. Be thankful for what you have, who you are and who you can be. 

It's all about perception. It doesn't matter what social status you come from, what your wallet has in it or how you were culturally raised. 


A Checklist For Your First Family Camping Trip!

Camping is a wonderful activity. You get to break free of the trappings of a happy home life filled with smartphones and mindless pastimes and take a deep dive into the bold beauty of the wilderness. The trees, birds, lakes, streams, and fresh liveliness of it all is ultimately one of the most rejuvenating ways you can spend your time. You know this, but do your children?

It is exciting beyond belief to share your love of nature with others. If your kids have never been camping before, they’re in for a magical adventure. It’s no wonder, then, that 99% of campers say that they are either likely or very likely to go again next year. So, if you are planning your first ever family camping trip, you are going to need a few items to help make it the experience of a lifetime. This is your professional family camper checklist.
  • RV
    For your children’s first foray into the wilderness, you might consider either renting a cabin or buying an RV. It will help to ease them into the transition between high tech home life the primitive peace of the natural world. Plus, it will make life easier for you too.


Children's Book Review: The Prayer Who Searched For God

the prayer who searched for God by Andrew Newman
Illustrated By Alexis Aronson

Each book in this series starts with an easy breathing meditation. Snuggle breathing.

Priceless for a family reading together. Four simple sentences and then you are off on your journey!

The uniqueness of drawing a prayer ( a wisp if I may) that the illustrator created is simply magic.

The most extraordinary and creative book, it doesn't even matter your belief, religion, race, age, or where you are geographically. This is a one size fits all children's book. Where a prayer is in search for God and low and behold the identification and how it presents itself is incomparable to any other book we have read. The singular theme is thought-provoking and so much fun for the kids.

It's so light and fluffy. Like candy for the soul!
Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence - Intentional Conscious Parenting


How Diablo Became Spirit

how diablo became spirit By Andrew Newman and Anna Breytenbach
Illustrated by Alexis Aronson

This book touched us to the core. An unbelievable true animal rescue story.

From a cage to freedom, from anger to bliss.
How the tides can turn when minds are open and humans and animals build a foundation of trust. Don't ever think change is impossible. Human to human, animal to animal, human to animal. As long as we are breathing and receptive, change can always be in our future.