Ways for Families to Explore Nature Together through Various Ages/Stages

Guest Article by Jennifer Miller, M.Ed.
“Mom, come quickly!” E says practically jumping up and down. “There’s a blue jay in our yard!” And this scene has played out over and again but with varying creatures - bunnies, beetles, and butterflies - oh my! If you have a patch of grass outside your door, there’s an opportunity for your kids to explore nature. Take them to a park and no screens, toys or equipment are required for discovery. As we head into the summer months, it seems we are all feeling “nature-starved” and ready to get out to experience the beautiful weather.


What's The "Spirit" in Spirit Camp?

Guest Article by Eva Goulette.

One of the major ways Dancing Jaguar's Spirit Camp differs from other camps is its focus. 
This program teaches children to focus inward and to learn how to navigate their inner landscape. When children are at school, they are nurturing their minds; when they play sports they are nurturing their bodies; and when they attend Spirit Camp, they are nurturing their spirit -- that wonderful essence that makes each child a unique, beautiful individual. Human beings are made up of mind, body, and spirit. How can we expect to have fully balanced, whole lives if we neglect and even refuse to acknowledge a third of who we are?

The spirit within each of us contains a small, quiet voice, - our intuition. 

Nosey's Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville

A silly cat named Nosey takes children on a historic wild adventure during an afternoon chase on the Belle of Louisville.

This book will have your children smiling from cover to cover. 
Adventure, laughter, dancing, friendship, compassion, history and a mischevious cat bring this story to life.


Children's Book Review: White Butterfly and Her Wings Of Many Colors

award winning childrens book about gratitude, self love and appreciation
Take your child on a magical journey with White Butterfly as she learns very important lessons about gratitude, self-love, and appreciation.

She discovers through powerful experiences her friends love her for who she truly is not because of her colors.

White Butterfly and Her Wings of Many Colors is a delightful & colorful read. The illustrations pop from the pages bringing this whimsical story to life.


Childrens Book Review: Made by Raffi

Made by Raffi
A great example of how individual we all are. Kids can't help but follow their intuition no matter what gender, no matter what their passion is!

Kids teased Raffi for a bit but then his true gift emerged and the kids stopped teasing him and embraced his passion.

Cheers to a children's book that teaches inclusiveness, acceptance, family love, self-confidence, and individual creativity!

Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

Author Craig Pomranz is an internationally known singer and actor in New York, with a wide range of performance venues and a lively website. This is his first book. 

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Tips for Helping Your Toddler Sleep Soundly

Toddlers require 11 to 14 hours of sleep every day, but the average toddler sleeps 10 hours or less. If your toddler isn't getting enough sleep, then you may be able to help them get the rest they need by modifying their diet, inspecting their mattress and cutting out exposure to electronics before bedtime.

Tip #1: Supplement evening meals with sleep-inducing foods


In Honor of Mother Earth on Earth Day 2017, We Would Like To Thank Her For...

Earth Day is upon us once again. What a wonderful day to celebrate and acknowledge our Earth planet. We should all have gratitude in leaps and bounds for without our earth we could not exist. Because of our precious planet, we THRIVE.

Go outside and run barefoot, plant a tree, dig in your garden, get some new plants for your home.

Go hiking, sit on a mountain and just be!

So many choices we have to enjoy Earth Day.

In honor of mother Earth on Earth Day 2017 we would like to thank her for...


Apollo the Misguided Missile Children's Book Review

Apollo the Misguided Missile radiates a very potent and timely message. This book is for children ages 3 to 7. 

In this day an age when bullying is part of our society, almost every child is somehow touched by it. 

This children's book is a great tool to add to your parenting toolbox to teach your child about non-violent communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, being able to use their voice and how to speak up for themselves. Vital skills all children need to learn and witness being demonstrated. What better way for them to absorb the information than through a book!?