The Human Energy Body

So much of our society teaches about physical health and mental health but doesn't include our energetic health. 

We are living batteries. 

We have a human energy field that is part of a larger universal energy field.

Our batteries can be charged, depleted, fine tuned or ignored.

Our bodies have energy centers that look like spinning wheels.

We call these spinning wheels chakras.

Chakras push vital life energy through the body to ensure vitality.

Energy flows from one part of the body to the other through our chakras.

This energy connects to the divine and gives us access to wisdom and psychic information.

In Sanskrit, Chakra means wheel. Chakras receive and radiate energy constantly.

When they are bombarded by negative energy or negative thoughts they become sluggish, out of balance or clogged. When chakras are sluggish or out of balance, it's easy to lose touch with your inner psychic resources. It is especially important to teach our children about their chakras and energy bodies right along with proper nutrition and exercise.

Painting by Stacy's daughter Sarah

You can begin teaching your children about their chakra colors and where they are located within the body at a very young age. Teach them the colors. Ask them to sit quietly with you and feel each chakra, tap into their inner senses. Ask them what they feel like. 

Crown Chakra
Violet-Inlet for wisdom, guidance, universal and divine knowledge.
Third Eye Chakra
Dark Blue-Spiritual sight, clairvoyance and manifestation, intuition.
Throat Chakra
Light Blue-Beliefs and thoughts, communication.
Heart Chakra
Green-Love and connection to all life. Openness to life. Love for other human beings.
Solar Plexas
Yellow-Issues of power and control, physical health, place in universe. Spiritual wisdom.
Orange-physical desires, creatability.
Red-Physical vitality, physical needs. Regulates issues surrounding survival, fulfillment and physical needs for
food and shelter.

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