Sep 15, 2021

5 Ways You Can Help Your Teen Cope With Anxiety

With cases of teen anxiety on a steady increase, it's important for any parent to know how they can help their teen cope with it. To make sure that you're raising a healthy and well-adjusted family, it's good to empower your children with good self-esteem and enable them to cope well in stressful situations. If you believe that your teenager is prone to anxiety, here are five ways in which you can help them.


The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that almost 19% of American adults and 31% of adolescents are going to experience anxiety. These numbers show that if your teen faces these issues, they are not alone, and so it's possible to find resources and activities to help them cope. Sometimes, anxiety is a result of both external and internal conflict, leaving someone feeling isolated and misunderstood. A teenager will have a lot going through their mind at any given time as they navigate different issues.

A good way to help them feel less alone is to listen to them. Offering a listening ear and an environment free of judgment can help them open up. By addressing their issues, they will often be better placed to work them out and avoid being stressed to their breaking point.

Model Positive Behavior

Aug 20, 2021

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy on a Budget

As a parent, you want to keep your family healthy. However, when you're working on a budget, this can seem difficult, especially since it seems like so much healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy selections. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your kids healthy on a budget, and most are easy to do! If you want to start taking steps to keep your family healthier, here are the top four tips you need to know.

1. Buy Fruits and Veggies When They're In-Season

Healthy, organic food options can be pricey and they can quickly add up when you're trying to stay on budget. However, fruits and vegetables that are in season are often less expensive than off-season options. This is because the in-season fruits and vegetables will be more readily available and less expensive for the grocery store to get and keep in stock.

Aug 12, 2021

How to Get Your Kids Offline and Outside

getting kids outside

With so much entertaining technology right at our fingertips, it can be difficult to get kids outside when they can explore whole new worlds through video games and videos. However, it doesn't have to be an impossible feat, and there are some simple ways that you can help disconnect your kids from their devices and get them out into the sunshine.

1. Only Allow a Certain Amount of Time Online

Smartphones are one of the leading forms of connectivity in the world, and as of Q2 2018, they accounted for 63% of all visits to retail websites. While (hopefully) your kids aren't using their phones to buy things on your credit cards, they can still spend hours watching videos, chatting with friends, and even playing games. Smartphones have quickly become an all-encompassing device that can be quite addicting.

To help give your kids a break from screen time, make a household rule to only allow devices to be used for a certain amount of time. This can be an hour or two a day, or only between specific hours, such as before breakfast or after dinner. However, to make the rule stick, you don't want your kids to see you constantly using your device while they're not allowed to use theirs. When installing this rule, try to practice it a bit yourself so that you can set a good example.

2. Keep Your Child's Games Secure

If your child loves playing a specific video game, it can be hard for them to part with it, especially if they don't want to lose their progress. To help put their minds at ease, you can explain that their saves are secure and that they can pick up where they left off without worrying about losing out. Most gaming consoles use solid-state drives that incorporate flash memory for durability, reliability, and performance. Although kids may not understand the specifics, knowing that their games are properly saved can make them feel better when taking a break outside.

Aug 4, 2021

I Recently Wrote An Article On Medium About My Experience Homeschooling My Sons

Schooling, Homeschooling, and Unschooling. So many choices. Here are a few tidbits I gleaned when I homeschooled — unschooled my sons through their middle school and high school years.

First of all, I want to commend you for considering breaking away from the traditional way of schooling. The reason I chose to homeschool wasn’t that I didn’t like the school system it was because my sons were requesting it daily and they were willing to make it work if I was.

One son was at the end of 6th grade, struggling, miserable in school, and was manifesting physical symptoms through asthma. He felt like school was sucking the life out of him. My oldest was in his Jr year of high school. 

Jul 31, 2021

Every Day Home Remedies.

Some Interesting Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Lice, Treating Burns, Reducing Inflammation and Relieving Headaches. 

1. Lice - You can use mayonnaise to suffocate lice. 

2. Another Lice prevention tip: put tea tree oil in your shampoo bottles. 
3. Burn your tongue? Put some sugar on it. 
4. Another great alternative treatment for external burns is comfrey salve. Learn how to make your own to keep your medicine cabinet stocked up every year. 
5. Inflammation? Sweet potatoes and yams are high in beta-carotene a natural anti-inflammatory.

Jul 28, 2021

10 Ways To Parent Consciously

We have some exciting news!!

Our parenting book, 10 Ways To Parent Consciously: Parenting In The New Paradigm is now available on Amazon Kindle.

10 Ways To Parent Consciously presents a new way of parenting for parents choosing an intentional conscious parenting path. This is a book for those seeking to shift from traditional parenting to a more mindful present approach. Topics focused on are the benefits of proper nutrition, creative expression, frequency & vibration, trusting intuition, and taking care of the parents and the child's energetic bodies. Enhancing their psychic abilities and learning about the power of their minds. We also engage parents with alternative optimistic everyday parenting skills they can use to teach their children about the significance of connecting with nature and how to flow with life changes and be Ok with it. We incorporate using affirmations and also share techniques for expressing gratitude and the relevance of not being defined by the labels that society will try and place on them. Our book teaches parents how to parent with an open mind while focusing on self-care, building their child's self-esteem, and teaching them how to nourish their child's body, mind, and soul.

Jul 21, 2021

Free Flowing Child

Free Flowing Child
~By Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

(Originally posted on Intentional Conscious Parenting on July 8th, 2010)

All children are spiritual beings that have come to have a human experience. We know each parent wants to have their belief system instilled in their children. We just ask you to allow and not shut off other avenues of exploration for them. Inspired children can think outside of themselves.

What works for you now may not work for your children twenty years from now. No one knows what will be needed in our future. That's why living in the moment is so valuable!

When you are raising a free-flowing child you are brick by brick building their foundation. A foundation is his or her rock! It is what they will rely on, stand on, go to, hold onto whenever it is needed.

Remember your free-flowing child that you are raising will carry their foundation into their adulthood and then begin building their own foundation with their own bricks. You are raising an adult. It is very important to never forget this fact.

These are tools to help form and mold your child's foundation.

Jul 15, 2021

How to Help Your Teen Prepare for College Life

The topic of what one wants to be when one grows up is becoming more pressing in many teens' lives, and many teenagers respond by ignoring it or becoming agitated about future plans like college. What are some ways that you as a parent can help your teen prepare for college life? A teen-friendly approach is the greatest place to start. Here are some pointers for parents like yourself who'd like to help.

Talk About Their Career Options and Interests

Jul 12, 2021

Driving Tips to Help Keep Your Family Safe

Driving makes getting from place to place a lot easier. Sadly, though as much as driving is convenient, the world of driving has its own challenges. Let's look at safety on the road and some of the precautions you can take in order to minimize potential harm to your family members.

Follow All Traffic Laws

Jun 28, 2021

Safe Delivery: Advice for Mothers-To-Be About the Big Day

Planning a hospital Baby Delivery
On delivery day, the last thing you want to be worried about is logistics! This quick guide will lay out some essential tips for expecting mothers and help prepare them for a safe and healthy delivery at a hospital. 

What Should You Plan Beforehand?

Pre-register at the Hospital 

To help rid yourself of anxiety and stress, you should pre-register at the hospital you plan to attend. Additionally, you should inform the hospital staff of your labor and delivery preferences. If all the information is known beforehand, then you don’t have to worry about miscommunication and other possible misunderstandings on behalf of the hospital staff.

Jun 23, 2021

How to Help Your Teenager Manage Their Anxiety Amid a Divorce

Divorce is difficult for all members of the family. Not only do the adults seeking marriage dissolution have to cope with the reality of permanent separation, but the kids of the family must also adjust to the changes. Teens are especially sensitive to the effects of divorce, which is why parents must take more time to ensure their adolescents are coping well. Here are a few tips for helping teens manage their anxiety amid a divorce. 

Jun 8, 2021

5 Benefits To Bringing More Calm Back Into Your Life Using Guided Meditations

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Burnt Out? A Little Stressed? 

One thing we've learned over the years is if we don't manage our stress it begins to take a toll, especially physically.

We try to do our best to eat healthy, incorporate movement, positive thinking/affirmations, and meditations. 
No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, meditating can bring calm back into your life. 
5 Benefits To Bringing More Calm Back Into Your Life Using Guided Meditations
1. Stressed Out And Impatient? - Being under stress can cause a short temperament and lack of understanding. Regaining inner peace can help with having more compassion with your kids, significant other and family members.