Apr 30, 2024

Teaching Children About The Power Of Their Minds

The following is an excerpt from our eBook, 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm.

Teaching children the power of their thoughts and how to create different outcomes. 

Children are very tuned in to their own needs. The foods they like or don't like, the people they feel comfortable and uncomfortable around. There are reasons for this. They are not being difficult or snobs. They are unaware of this type of behavior until parents, school, society, or friends teach it to them. 

Change is always constant. Teach valuable tools on how to roll with change. Change can be scary for most humans. Their comfort zone is their safe zone. What they don't realize, is that changing something or even going after something they want or feel could be their pot of gold. Their pot of gold could be mental, physical, spiritual, or financial. Some people become stagnant and paralyzed with life until they realize the gift that comes out of change can be freedom. Usually, children are resilient and adapt to change much easier than adults due to their ability to live more in the present moment. 

We would like to point out that when you are teaching your children about their intuitive abilities, (that we all come into this world with, whether we choose to use it or not), there is great responsibility that goes along with that. 

When these abilities are enhanced they can be used for great things in our life or they can be used destructively. It's important to guide your children on how to make wise choices and go by their feelings. 

Practice with your children on how to open and use their third eye. Your third eye is the gateway to inner consciousness. It is part of the brow chakra located on the forehead between the eyebrows. This is a very valuable tool every human is born with if they choose to utilize it. We highly suggest doing research on the third eye. 

A fun way to teach your children and encourage the use of their third eye is to play games that will enhance this skill. 

Have your child sit quietly with their eyes closed while you, the parent hide a toy. The parent should take a moment to think in their mind where they hid the toy and what it looks likes so this gives the child a moment to read the parent's thoughts and pick up on the vibrations of the item. See the colors and the details. Ask your child to sit quietly and go within and see what pops into their mind (third eye) where this toy could possibly be hiding? Ask the child to describe what he sees? Any colors? Specifics? Keep the mood light and fun. Like anything you want to master in life, if you want to be good at something, you have to practice. 

To read the whole chapter and gain more insights on strengthening your child's intuition, check out our book. 

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