Free Flowing Child

Free Flowing Child~By Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

All children are spiritual beings that have come to have a human experience. We know each parent wants to have their belief system instilled in their children. We just ask you to allow and not shut off other avenues of explorations for them. Inspired children can think outside of themselves.

What works for you now may not work for your children twenty years from now. No one knows what will be needed in our future. That's why living in the moment is so valuable!

When you are raising a free flowing child you are brick by brick building their foundation. A foundation is his or her rock! It is what they will rely on, stand on, go to, hold onto whenever it is needed.

Remember your free flowing child that you are raising will carry their foundation into their adulthood and then begin building their own foundation with their own bricks. You are raising an adult. It is very important to never forget this fact.

These are tools to help form and mold your child's foundation.

Typical Parenting
  • Bedtime
  • Daily baths, hygeine, brushing teeth
  • Teaching them manners
  • Providing a safe environment
  • Parental Supervision
  • Making sure homework is completed
  • Being involved with your child's school
  • Nutrition: Teaching your children healthy eating habits
  • Chores and responsibilities
  • Reading daily with your children
Along with the tools above add these tools to help build a free flowing child's foundation.

Intentional Conscious Parenting
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Create unstructered and structured time
  • Freedom to play and think
  • Encourage creativity
  • Allow them space where time doesn't exist: allowing them to be in their moment
  • Keep an open mind: Really listen to what they are asking for , needing, seeing, or hearing or smelling
  • Let them know every day that they matter! Their ideas and who they are matter and that they make a difference.
  • It is important to encourage your child to dream about who and what they want to be even though their visions of who they want to be may change.
  • Demonstrate to your child how to connect with nature and respect the environment
  • Hugs and kisses daily
  • Tell your child everyday you love them
  • Playing and having fun with your kids as a family unit creates an unbreakable bond
  • Guide your children daily how to utilize and nurture their intuition and follow their feelings.

As we always say follow your intuition and live in the moment.

Stacy Toten is a doctor of Metaphysics. She has been a practitioner for over twenty-five years, blogger, children's author, book reviewer, author interviewer, co-author of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions, children's behavioral management coach, artist and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She is happily married for 31 years, she has two Indigo daughters, 2 cats and 2 dogs. Her passions are writing, reading, mother earth, swimming in the ocean, movies and sharing her spiritual gifts with the world and working with parents and children.

Carol Lawrence is an energetic practitioner, blogger, artist, children's author, social media manager, author interviewer, book reviewer, virtual book tour planner and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She has been happily married for twenty-five years, a mother of two Indigo sons, has several animals and loves nature, exploring the human mind, spirituality, reading, writing, mother earth, walking around in the forests of Montana and doing her part to make the world a better place.  

Together intuitively Stacy and Carol are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, live author chats and conscious parenting articles. Carol and Stacy are assistant editors for the family and parenting category at All Things Healing. 

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