Jul 28, 2021

10 Ways To Parent Consciously Ebook

10 Ways To Parent Consciously – Parenting In The New Paradigm By Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten (From Intentional Conscious Parenting)
"The perfect addition to your conscious parenting toolbox. This book bridges the gap for those seeking to shift from traditional parenting to a more mindful present approach."
Dr. Shefali Tsabary Author and Clinical Psychologist

"10 Ways to Parent Consciously by authors Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence share what they have learned about positive, reflective, intuitive parenting over the 30 years of friendships and raising children.
How appropriate that the first chapter addresses how parents can first take care of themselves, stayed grounded, and develop inner peace. They help parents engage in the fun activities that are shared with family members: Making treats, moving, or concocting a soothing balm.
Conscious parenting includes being open-minded and accepting the fact that children have their wisdom too. How do we parents cultivate that wisdom? Listening can be enlightening. We can express gratitude with our children who learn to be grateful. Moreover, the authors provide ample examples of how to help children master change by moving beyond their comfort zone. We can express our fears so children learn not to be afraid of change to new environments. We can share how to express their feelings without judgment.
Chapter 5 expresses actionable steps for balance that includes a child’s needs to be well-versed in the methods of life: grounding, expressing, collecting, feeling and connecting. I loved the idea of helping children establish their sacred space, their quiet time, to connect with their angels, inner images, or feelings.
In subsequent chapters,10 Ways to Parent Consciously presents a treasure trove of delicious recipes, activities, inspiring quotes, and new intuitive ideas that conscientious parents will enjoy and employ. Highly recommended!"
~ Caron Goode Author of Kids Who See Ghosts

"This book is a beautiful guide from two friends who have made it their “life’s work” - through their respective parenting journey - to share the jewels of their experience with those seeking to shift the parenting paradigm from “traditional” to a conscious approach. Each chapter outlines and illustrates for the reader the “how-tos” from multiple conscious parenting practices they have “tried and tested” over almost three decades – offering the reader a ready-made treasure-filled toolbox to create a deeper more present and connected relationship with their children. For me, their book is akin to that of a memoir that they will pass down to their own children and for generations to follow. From guidance on “self-care” and “trusting your intuition” to “the power of frequency and vibration” and “keeping an open mind” – the spiritual essence of this book is “food for the soul” – which they offer some wonderful recipes too! Thank you Carol and Stacy for stepping into your parenting “role” with such passion as you have and helping to change lives."
~ Sandra Fazio Conscious Parent Coach, Author, and Founder of The Conscious Parent Blog. Author of The Diaries of a Conscious Parent

10 Tips for Parenting Consciously is a total delight! While reading Stacy and Carol’s insights, I was reminded of the kaleidoscope of opportunity and potential I experience as a parent every day. I specifically loved the nourishing heart, mind, body, and soul tools they shared. These tools included food and natural medicine recipes, affirmations, meditations, blessings, deep breathing exercises and so much more. So make sure you sit down, cozy up, and read this book! It’s a wonderful resource and compassionate parenting companion.”
-Alexandra Folz, MSN, Intuitive Readings & Counseling, Author of The Heirloom

"10 Tips for Conscious parenting is 100% substance with zero filler added! Stacy & Carol cover many common areas of Conscious Parenting, but what makes this book unique is that it all begins (literally & figuratively) with the importance of Self Care. Unless parents have the structure to hold the space for their confidence, health, and general well-being, they won’t have the power and energy required to truly connect with their children, and Connection is the common denominator of Conscious Parenting in the 21st Century. A nice bonus is the quotes and affirmations sprinkled throughout which create a multi-use opportunity for the entire family to enjoy, prosper and collectively learn together."
Rick Morrison, author of The Hug Store

"10 Tips for Conscious Parenting reveals the inner world of the consciously awake child, and how to be the most effective parent. As parents we so long for a "manual" for how to handle the sensitive, awake, and intuitive child. This book will give you the insight you need to make great choices, find the peace you desire about your parenting techniques. Also, grasping the importance of WHY we need to parent a "new way". Truly a profound read for knowledge-seeking parents."
Shawn Neff - Success Coach - #1 Best Selling Co-Author
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Together intuitively Stacy and Carol are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write parenting books. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. 

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