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Hi! It's Carol and Stacy. We have been the authors blogging at Intentional Conscious Parenting for over a decade and the authors of the book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. 

On this page, you'll find more resources for your conscious living toolbox!

printables for conscious parenting

You'll find a digital copy of our book, our self-care guide, and worksheets over in the Soul To Soul With Carol Etsy store. Carol has designed an extensive range of printable worksheets that can be used both at home and in school, featuring an impressive variety. 

You can find Screen Time Checklists, Chore Charts for Kids, Affirmation Cards for both kids and adults, Garden Journal Pages, Dream Journal Pages, Coloring Sheets, a Letter from Santa, Dinosaur Coloring Pages, Kitchen Organizing Charts, Math Worksheets, Holiday Games, Road Trip Games, and so much more. Feel free to check it out and see what catches your eye!


💕 We are best-selling co-authors of the book Women on Purpose: 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling  

Here is our book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm available on Kindle Or Etsy. It's ready to download and read.
Soon to be released in paperback with a companion workbook.

Stacy co-authored a self-help spiritual motivational book with her husband Ed, M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. 

To begin any examination of your life, you must first ask yourself a simple question. "Who am I?" Thus begins the journey of M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Solutions. The emphasis being on the soul. The goal of this book is for you to realize life as a "Free Thinking Human Being."

Through the writing of this book we hope to share in the awakening of those who are so desperately searching for answers in today's ever-changing world. Action is the essential element in the realization of any dream.

See all of Stacy's publishing's on her Amazon author profile.

Affirmation Card Deck For Kids 

Our children's card deck serves as an introduction to affirmations and positive self-talk. 

Perfect to teach little ones (ages 2+) how to talk and think positively to themselves starting an early practice of positive self-talk. 

These cards are designed to instill and empower your child with a technique that can become a lifelong tool for building confidence, and positivity. 

Each deck comes with 30 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards to delight and inspire your child.


Create a daily routine where you pick a card together and talk about what it means. Great for home or school. Makes a great gift! Perfect to add to your Intentional Conscious Parenting Toolbox. Click the card deck to be taken to the store to make an online purchase. 

Our Affirmation Children's Cards are also available as a pdf printable file. Simply purchase, download, print, and cut out. Print on thicker paper or laminate for durability. 

My dream journal and guidebook

Carol has published multiple journals including her dream book, garden planner, and an abundance journal. You can see all of them on her Amazon author page.  

My Dream Journal & Guidebook: Track, Analyze, and Record Your Dreams
This is not a typical journal only filled with lined pages. This Dream Journal & Guidebook is a guidebook with information guiding you along including quick dream pages to list multiple dreams and multiple set pages that include journaling prompts to help you track your dreams more in-depth. 

Keeping a dream diary will help you observe your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is a beautiful aspect of ourselves. Tracking our dreams gives us an insight into our inner workings and a connection to our inner guidance system. 200 Pages To Track Your Dreams! 

Track each dream, the date, how you felt, vivid impressions, your routine the night before, recurring nudges, downloaded creative ideas, connections made in your dreams and so much more! Treat yourself as you dive in more deeply to analyzing your dreams, honing your intuition, and keeping track of the intuitive guidance or creative ideas that your subconscious mind, loved ones, or the universe are delivering to you.

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Supporting The Inner Light of The Children,
Stacy and Carol