Hey there! How are you? Thanks for taking time to visit our blog. My name is Carol Lawrence and I'm thrilled you have stopped by.

You may be here because you are interested in conscious parenting or you may have found us through a referral for coaching. Either way we are glad you are here.

A little about Carol,
I love infusing myself in the mountains, playing in nature, helping people find calmness and inner peace, teaching people about CBD, working from home, living an awakened life, teaching people how to tap into their intuition and manifesting their dreams through action steps, organization and energy awareness. 

Need an energy coach? Energy coaching is about improving the quality of your consciousness - your heart, your spirituality, your awareness. 

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I also enjoy blogging and writing my conscious parenting books.

I reside in the mountains with my hubby of 34 years, fur babies and are very active in the lives of my two granddaughters. Family is my #1 priority.

Freelancer for 10+ years.
I have years of experience in marketing, customer service, business operations, human connection, parenting, consulting/coaching and organization.

🦋 Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant: Real opportunities for people who are serious about working from home.

🦋10 Ways To Parent Consciously : Parenting In The New Paradigm


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Hi there, my name is Stacy Toten.

I am happily married, I have two grown daughters. 

I believe it is important to live an awakened and conscious state of mind. The doors it can open can be quite magical. Breath In, Breath Out. Relax!

I am a huge animal lover. Writing and reading is one of my passions along with watching movies and sharing my spiritual gifts with the world.

I have worked right along side parents assisting them on their spiritual parenting paths for many years and have helped with special needs children in school and home settings. 

My husband and I co-authored a self help spiritual motivational book titled, M.A.S.S. 101 Man Approaching Simple Soulutions. 

I'm also the co-author of 10 Ways To Parent Consciously : Parenting In The New Paradigm 🦋