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Hello, if you recently purchased our children's card deck you've reached the right place.

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To learn more about our affirmation cards visit Affirmation Kids Card Deck.

Our children's card deck serves as an introduction to affirmations and positive self-talk.

Perfect tools to teach little ones (ages 2 - adult) how to talk and think positively to themselves starting an early practice of positive self-talk. 

We encourage parents to read affirmations and books to their babies while in the womb and begin adding to their intentional conscious parenting toolbox as their child grows. 

Our cards are designed to instill and empower your child with a technique that can become a lifelong tool for building confidence, and positivity. 

kids affirmation cards

Use all thirty cards to create a daily/nightly routine where you pick a card together and talk about what it means, stimulating being present with each other while having heart-to-heart conversations and reciting positive affirmations. These are even more powerful when stated looking at oneself in the mirror. As your child gets older you could even have them practice writing them down. Great for home or school.

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