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Jul 28, 2021

10 Ways To Parent Consciously Ebook

10 Ways To Parent Consciously – Parenting In The New Paradigm By Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten (From Intentional Conscious Parenting)
"The perfect addition to your conscious parenting toolbox. This book bridges the gap for those seeking to shift from traditional parenting to a more mindful present approach."
Dr. Shefali Tsabary Author and Clinical Psychologist

Sep 29, 2020

Conscious Parenting Audio Tip: Observing Anger When An Intuitive Child Lashes Out

Next time your child lashes out, look around and observe the room. Is anyone else angry such as an adult or sibling? Is your child channeling their anger or someone else’s? Intuitive children often do this automatically. 

Carol Lawrence from Intentional Conscious Parenting shares a tip on observing anger when an intuitive child lashes out. Is it his/her anger or is he/she simply channeling that anger for someone else in the room. After listening to the latest tip be sure to sign up for our free parenting guide on Parenting With The Four Claires.


Aug 17, 2017

Do You Parent With An Open Mind?

Allowing your children to express themselves freely does take a parent with an open mind.

Thanks for stopping in and reading our latest post. Feel free to look around. We have numerous conscious parenting articles and book reviews.

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Building Self-Esteem And Confidence

We are honored to have one of our recent articles published on Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

Conscious Parenting Building Self-Esteem And Confidence

Key conscious parenting goals; qualities you want your children to have. High self-esteem, strong foundation, creative spirit, integrity, compassion, connection, respect for self, others and the environment. Instill a love for life. It is important to support your children’s endeavors no matter how creative they get. Remember they are children and their ideas will change many times. By encouraging them you are building their self-esteem and confidence. In turn feeding their mind, body, and soul. Be open to saying “yes” or at least hearing out their ideas. Encourage them to draw, speak their mind, ask questions, play musical instruments, try sports, sit quietly and read a book or play in the dirt. Every child is so unique and their sensitivity levels are vastly different. That’s why it is so vitally important to parent each child on their own individual level. It would not be wise to raise all your children the same way. They all have different needs and wants, it is up to you to be the conscious parent, allowing an organic conclusion to form and take place without you the parent having to be in constant control. It’s about allowing spiritual growth on this earthly playground.

Teaching Children How To Love Themselves. Help your children work through their feelings and teach them the importance of positive self-talk. Show them how to appreciate the little and the big things in life. Self-esteem is being developed throughout their life. By teaching them how to love and take care of themselves when they are little you are helping them to build a positive self-image, instill confidence and build your child’s inner strength.

Click Here To Read Entire Article. Please comment and share on the original article if our conscious parenting messages resonate with you. We'd love to write more for their parenting audience and need your support to show conscious parenting is an important topic. 

Together we can all support the inner light of the children and the parents choosing to walk a conscious parenting path.

Namaste, Carol and Stacy 

Aug 11, 2017

Children's Book Review l The Laughing Witch

The Laughing Witch by Andrew Newman
Illustrations by Liesl Bell

"To All Who Laugh" it says in the book, which means this book must be for everyone!
Because who doesn't love to laugh?

The visuals in this book radiate fun and happiness. Children will not only embrace what they are hearing but what they are seeing as well.

"She called to the ones 
who lived here before:
I welcome your wisdom;
Your love I adore."

You believe everything on each page! Valuable simplistic kindness and priceless verbage!
To receive and to give back is such an important tool to use through all human's lifetime.

Mar 7, 2017

Connecting On Your Child's Level

There are very subtle, simple ways you can connect with your child on their level.

My sons are now in their twenties, I woke up this morning with vivid memories of playing video games with them.

Video games were not my most favorite thing to do, but the time we spent together is priceless.

Since the time they were allowed to play video games was regulated, it was special. Video game time was monitored. My husband and I made sure they spent time on other things such as creative play, reading, board games, homework and their nightly routine.

I always found a way to join in their fun on their level.

When they were younger. I would read them a bedtime story every night, sometimes several books at a time.

More times than not this special time right before bed turned into great discussions of wonder and sharing. As they got older they would read to me.

I was always on the look out for ways I could join them at their level.

Feb 20, 2017

6 Ways To Include Intuition In Your Parenting

Our intuition is always giving us signs.” ~ Author Eileen Fisher

We wanted to share with you a few ways you can include intuition in your parenting.

1. Ask your child how a particular situation made them feel.

2. After a bad day at school, ask them to describe it to you so you can help them process their feelings.

3. Show your children how to listen, feel, see, and experience their connections.

Apr 28, 2016

Music Is An Expression Of The Soul

In today's societies, closed minded choices are consistently being made through-out our school systems and communities, where greed rules the outcome of what is on the artistic menu.

There are those that see no value in the arts. children who are exposed to the arts are able to express themselves beyond boundaries and confinements. When music is involved it expands their consciousness on so many levels. Anything can be enhanced with the involvement of music.

It awakens a vibration from within that helps them to connect with their raw organic feelings from past, present and future. It can portray an essence of who they are and what their needs may be through movement from dancing, audio from singing, alignment from vibration and contentment from stillness.

Open the floodgates and nourish your child's soul with the expression of music.

Together intuitively Carol and Stacy are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, live author chats and conscious parenting articles. Sign up for our occasional newsletter and receive our free guide: 10 Tips To Parenting Consciously. 

Dec 9, 2015

Identity - Growing Up With Labels

IdentityDefinition on
The Sense of Self, Providing Sameness and Continuity In Personality

We've all seen the studies and heard the horrible stories, the ones where someone's life long career suddenly ends and within a few days they've dropped dead or committed suicide.

I don't bring this up to have a somber conversation. I tell you this to have a discussion and shed some light on a topic I don't feel receives enough attention.

The way we humans are wrapped up in our identities. The multiple roles we play as humans in a life time.

These roles are important and help shape our outer form, but when we tie everything we are into these roles and they suddenly change, the walls can come crashing down. Sometimes the change is planned and sometimes it's unexpected.

Let me give you an example. Jerry lives next door, he's been a logger for 25 years. Due to change in supply and demand for wood Jerry no longer can rely on his profession to pay the bills. He feels like it is the end of the world. He's a master at what he does. He's put his blood, sweat and tears into his profession. Over time it has became his identity. Everyone around his little town knows him and how he's won the local lumberjack contest several years in a row.

Dec 3, 2015

What If?

What if everyone had their basic needs met?
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Health Care
  • Survival needs cared for
I often wonder what would the world look like if these needs where met?

Would creativity shine through?
Would people's pain bodies become healed?
Would people look forward to going to their job of choice, not because they had to but because they wanted to?
Would more entrepreneurs show up?
Would crime go down?
Would people have more tolerance for other people's beliefs?
Would there be less of a need to control others?
Would people be happier?

I invite you to ponder these questions with me.

Carol Lawrence is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U, a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. She is also co-authors the blog Intentional Conscious Parenting and is an assistant editor for the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. 

Jul 23, 2015

Homeopathic Remedies For Bug Bites and Stings

One thing we like to keep in our first aid kits are various homeopathic remedies so we are never caught off guard while camping, traveling or enjoying the outdoors.

"Homeopathic is a system of medicine who's principles are even older than Hippocrates. It seeks to cure in ordinance with natural laws of healing and uses medicines made from natural substances: animal, vegetable, and mineral." ~ Homeopathic Medicine At Home (We really recommend having this book on hand along with your remedies)

If Homeopathy is new to you we encourage you to learn more about it. Our two families have used it for years and years. We love the results, it works well for us and there's no side effects. Disclaimer we are not doctors, we advise you to follow your intuition and if you feel you need to check with your doctor then please do so. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Bug Bites - Carol's son Josh is a delicacy to mosquitoes. They love feasting on him. We have found through the years if he keeps Thuja on hand when he is out hiking or fire fighting if he needs to he can takes a few to alleviate the itch and discomfort from his bug bites and help keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Bee, Hornet and Wasp Stings - Apis, Calendula, Hypericum, Ledum & Cantharis.
Note: On bee, hornets and wasp stings: If victim is allergic to insect stings rush to nearest hospital emergency room. Meanwhile, give Apis in the highest potency you have (Homeopathic Medicine At Home)

Spider bits - Carbolicum acidum, Crotalus horridus, Echinacea, Lachesis and Oxalicum Acidum.
Note: On poisonous spiders apply an ice pack to the bite to slow the spread of poison and rush victim to nearest hospital emergency room. Meanwhile, give one of the remedies mentioned here. Once again this warning is from Homeopathic Medicine At Home.

If you use homeopathy in your home what are your favorite remedies?

Together intuitively Carol and Stacy are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They are assistant editors for the family and parenting community at All Things Healing. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, and conscious parenting articles. Sign up for their newsletter and receive 10 Tips For Parenting Consciously. (We promise to never share your email address.) 
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Feb 20, 2013

Our Article "The Power of Color" is In The Winter Issue Of Pathways To Wellness Magazine!

We are excited to share with you that our article "The Power of Color" is in the winter issue of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine.

Pathways to Family Wellness collaborates with consciousness leaders, cutting-edge scientists and researchers, families on a conscious path, holistic practitioners, and dynamic nonprofit organizations to bring the most current insights into wellness to their readers. We were honored when they emailed us and asked if they could use our article. Some of you may have read it already right here on Intentional Conscious Parenting, we have a whole page dedicated to color.

Jan 13, 2012

Living In The Time Of Transparency And Transformation By Carol Lawrence

Living in the time Of Transparency And Transformation

We are living in a tumultuous time right now. There are many planetary changes along with humanitarian changes taking place simultaneously.

This is the time of change - transformation and transparency.

Look around you. How many people do you know that are not experiencing a deeper shift taking place from within? 

As Mother Earth shifts her energy so will we. We are connected. The more we realize our connection and pay attention the easier our transitions and changes will be. We must learn to listen again. To feel again. To smell the smells of mother nature - feel the changes taking place - listen for her messages and tune into the signals and references she provides us. 

As each person goes through the shifting taking place they may have their own inner volcanoes erupting. Old beliefs that are no longer working, hidden emotions and traumas, fears and fantasies will bubble their way to the surface to be acknowledged, light shined upon them and transformed.

Humanity and society as a whole is having its own eruption. Examples are all around us. Kingdoms around the world are falling and right here in the United States we have our very own "Occupy Wall Street." There's a battle to keep a nutritious consistent food supply in our grocery stores that is not tainted with GMO's - a dismal job market leading to mortgage loss - homelessness and hungry people in record numbers. Old lies and secrets are becoming exposed. 

Out of the ashes the phoenix will rise. Change is taking place at a rapid rate. There is no more hiding. As change transpires within each individual. change will appear in the outer world....our outer and inner worlds are interwoven and connected.
  • New mind thought begins.
  • Beliefs that will build wholesome sustainable worlds will emerge.
  • Corporations and companies that truly care will succeed. Lies will not be tolerated or looked over by the mass consciousness any longer.
  • The basics of life are provided so all may shift from survival to a place of thriving and creativity.
  • Parenting comes from a place of value, connection, trust, respect and intuition.
  • New entrepreneurs take the lead.
Where do you fit in during this time of transparency and transformation?
What kind of world are you visualizing?
What steps are you taking to make it happen?

Carol Lawrence is an energetic practitioner, blogger, artist, children's author, social media manager, author interviewer, book reviewer, virtual book tour planner and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show. She has been happily married for twenty-five years, a mother of two Indigo sons, has several animals and loves nature, exploring the human mind, spirituality, reading, writing, mother earth, walking around in the forests of Montana and doing her part to make the world a better place.  

Together with Carol's writing partner and best friend Stacy, they are fulfilling a calling and a passion to write children's picture books. They provide nurturing tips and encouragement for parents walking an intentional spiritual conscious parenting path by supplying an inviting platform for their established parenting community. Visit Intentional Conscious Parenting for author interviews, book reviews, live author chats and conscious parenting articles. Carol and Stacy are assistant editors for the family and parenting category at All Things Healing. 

Visit their website, Intentional Conscious Parenting:
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Dec 31, 2011

Getting Clear In 2012 By Carol Lawrence

Do you write new years resolutions?
Do they usually work out well for you?
Do you commit yourself to your resolutions?

I can remember being a little kid thinking 2012 is so far away. I really thought back then we would all be driving hover crafts by now and that I would have grown up to be a "Solid Gold" dancer. (Past popular TV show).

Dreams change as we change with each passing breath. Like many of you I have written down my new years resolutions year after year. Some have been accomplished some have not. I'm pretty good at learning something new or completing a goal once I set my mind to it.

As I lay on my couch typing this blog post on my iPad and nursing a cold, I have been reflecting back on the past year. Many changes have taken place in my life and those around me. I'm grateful for

Dec 28, 2011

A Special Interview With Dave Kerpen ~ CEO Of Likeable Media

Carol recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Kerpen. Dave is the CEO of Likeable Media and best selling author of Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (And Other Social Networks)

Carol:  Dave, please tell us about yourself, your family and how you began your social media journey.

Dave: I am the very proud parent of two girls. Charlotte is 8 an amazing artist, loved and loving. Kate is 4 and so very full of life. Carrie is their incredible mom and my wife and partner in all things. I have always loved connecting with people and have always been very public, so social media was in many ways a perfect fit. Began with blogs and Facebook in 2007 and never looked back. 

Carol:  Who came up with the idea for your wedding? Can you briefly give us some juicy details?

Dave: Carrie and I came up with it together, but it was mostly her. It was a lot of fun - here is a link to one of my favorite media pieces from the wedding - The only juicy details I can think of was getting free stuff we didn't even ask for, like teeth-whitening from Bright Smile.  

Carol: How did you go about putting your wedding together and was there any doubt that it might not work?

Dave: We pitched the Brooklyn Cyclones first, because we needed a promotional partner that would have the inventory to trade. Then we approached contacts we had made through our radio and integrated marketing career. Once we landed, Smirnoff and Entenmann's it was easier to get more partners. Once the NY Times piece hit, that led to other media. A few family members had their doubts, but we never doubted it  would work.

Carol: What inspired you to write Likeable Social Media?