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Sep 22, 2016

Raising The Vibration Of Your Parent And Child Relationship

Sandra Fazio is the author of The Diaries of a Conscious Parent: One Mother's Journey To Raising HerselfThrough Her Daughter's Essence. Available on Amazon. She specializes in conscious parenting and is directly being trained by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and has been awarded the designation of Core Essentials Graduate, CEG through Coach U, Inc.

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Apr 21, 2016

Book Review: Connection & Kindness The Key To Changing The World Through Parenting

"Life itself becomes a child's teacher." ~ Erin Taylor 

Connection & Kindness The Key To Changing The World Through Parenting.

Erin Taylor's insightfulness in her new book is so powerful, especially for today's ever changing world. It can be transforming to those parents who are looking for another way of parenting their children with an open and authentic way of communicating.

Erin talks about how important it is to allow a normal developmental process to take place for each individual child's natural progression. For no two children are alike.

Dec 9, 2015

Identity - Growing Up With Labels

IdentityDefinition on
The Sense of Self, Providing Sameness and Continuity In Personality

We've all seen the studies and heard the horrible stories, the ones where someone's life long career suddenly ends and within a few days they've dropped dead or committed suicide.

I don't bring this up to have a somber conversation. I tell you this to have a discussion and shed some light on a topic I don't feel receives enough attention.

The way we humans are wrapped up in our identities. The multiple roles we play as humans in a life time.

These roles are important and help shape our outer form, but when we tie everything we are into these roles and they suddenly change, the walls can come crashing down. Sometimes the change is planned and sometimes it's unexpected.

Let me give you an example. Jerry lives next door, he's been a logger for 25 years. Due to change in supply and demand for wood Jerry no longer can rely on his profession to pay the bills. He feels like it is the end of the world. He's a master at what he does. He's put his blood, sweat and tears into his profession. Over time it has became his identity. Everyone around his little town knows him and how he's won the local lumberjack contest several years in a row.

Nov 11, 2015


Guest Post By Ian Hawkins.

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter a while back. I was apologising for speaking to her with angry eyes and she said something so simple to me, and yet so powerful. “Dad, I don’t see any anger in your eyes, I only see kindness. It’s just your eyebrows that look a bit angry sometimes.” Brilliant! So while I was frustrated at myself for not bringing kind and loving body language, she was so beautifully reminding me that just because I had made a mistake, didn’t mean that I had angry eyes, it didn’t mean I was an angry person. What she saw was her “kind” Dad pulling an angry face.

Aug 18, 2015

Easing back-to-school jitters By Mary Jo Rapini

School bells are ringing and kids are everywhere. As you drive slowly through school zones, you can see and feel the excitement in the air. Kids are walking to school, getting out of buses, and being dropped off on the curb. Some of them look excited and are laughing, while others look confused, withdrawn and afraid. Parents have a powerful influence over their child no matter how old their child is in regards to their school-year success. Easing back-to-school jitters is an important step that parents should prepare for and encourage their child to prepare for as well.

"School jitters don't begin the first day of school. Most likely, they were going on during the last third of the summer." 

May 4, 2015

Temper Tantrums ~ An Opportunity To Teach Your Child How To Process Emotions

Temper Tantrums ~ An Opportunity to Teach Your Child How to Process Emotions

By Yvonne Perry

Empathy and intuition gives us the ability to better understand how we are connected to other living things. It is a form of communication with others, nature, animals, and even higher or spiritual forms of life. We are all born with empathic ability but most of us shut the sensing ability down at some point either because the energy overload causes discomfort or we are taught not to trust our inner guidance. By shutting down our intuition and empathic ability, we live in our heads and are pretty much out of touch with our body and our own emotions.

Oct 13, 2014

9 Tips For Enhancing the Educational Experience of Your Child

Tips for Enhancing the Educational Experience of Your Child 

    • Ask your child to identify three goals for the school year (Academic, Health, Financial).
    • Sign up for a long term volunteer opportunity in their area of interest.
    • Make sure your child’s learning happens outside of the school walls as well as inside (libraries, museums, clubs, etc.).
    • If they have expressed interest in a particular career or field, provide them with exposure to the career or field as a reminder of the bigger picture and provide a mentor/support individual from the field.  Sometimes this also serves as a “reality check” in terms of career requirements and commitment.
    • Take advantage of free academically supportive websites such as Khan Academy, The College Board

Sep 24, 2014

Love is the face and body of the Universe.

"Love is the face and body of the Universe. It is the connective tissue of the universe, the stuff of which we are made. Love is the experience of being whole and connected to Universal Divinity.

Jun 26, 2014

How does one help their children succeed in life? Guest Article By Kathleen Boucher

Congratulations to Kathleen Boucher. She recently was awarded the 2014 Book Of The Year award for her book A Simple Idea To Empower Kids: Teen's Edition and 2014 Preferred Choice Award (Kids Category) for A Simple Idea To Empower Kids: based on the power of love, choice and belief.

How does one help their children succeed in life? By teaching them to have a strong work ethic.

Wouldn’t it be great if each child born on earth came with their own unique instruction manual? How valuable would that be? And yet for all the books written to help parents, I have not found any that discuss work ethic. But hold on. I can hear you saying,” Wait a minute we are doing the best job that we can. We raise our children to believe in themselves, to take care of their bodies and their minds. We teach them to value their family, their friends and their community. We teach them to understand that to live in a country that is free is a gift not to be taken lightly.

Nov 7, 2013

Book Review: Kai And The Magic Jacket

Kai And The Magic Jacket By Tricia Chinn Campbell 

A must read children's book.
To all you parents out there looking for a great example to show & teach your children about having a relationship with spirit, ancestors, guardian angels and guides. Kai And The Magic Jacket depicts an exemplary example of how to demonstrate to your children how they can listen, feel and call upon spirit at any given time. 

Sep 10, 2013

"When we lose the permission to pause, we lose access to wisdom." ~ A Reflection On Words Of Wisdom From Lisa Grace Byrne

When we read the article, When we lose permission to reflect… By Lisa Grace Byrne we knew we needed to share it with you. Lisa touches on a very important issue about reacting. She reflects on the current situation in Syria as an example. Do you react in your parenting or do you take time to pause and think about your response?

Mar 26, 2013

Prevent a SUGAR habit By NADINE, N.D., C.N.S

Prevent a SUGAR habit
Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Hello and thank you for reading another edition in the sugar series. This article addresses ways on preventing a sugar habit, especially while raising children. Heartfelt thanks and humble gratitude go out to each of you who contributed to this offering of possible solutions for others to explore. As with anything I write, should you as the reader find value in this information, please feel free to share it with another. If this is not for you, a simple thank you I pass, is acceptable.

habit can be defined as an established disposition or practice, meaning it is settled, ingrained, and recurrent. A habit is often unconscious and can be difficult to give up. What is clear with a habit is the behavior or activity was acquired through frequent repetition. If something is done repetitively, an addiction to that behavior or item is formed. As a Nutrition Specialist, when I see what I term as a sugar addiction, years of frequent repetition have occurred. Some of my clients repeat their habit or addiction in public, others hide their behavior. With any form of abuse, common identifiers can include words like hide, dishonest, punish, belittle, anger, lack of trust, self-hatred paired with a low self-esteem.

While exploring ways to prevent sugar addiction and/or sugar abuse, an opportunity exists to create frequent repetition

Feb 13, 2013

10 Resources To Support You Along Your Parenting Path.

Parenting is not always easy. It comes with triumphs and tribulations. We wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We were born to be parents. It definitely wasn't always easy, even as our children get older it's not always easy. Once a parent, always a parent. Your roles shift and change as your children grow up into adults, you may still want to take their pain away, protect them from poor choices and guide them, but there comes a time when you have to step back and let them navigate their own path. 

Feb 5, 2013

Sherry Burton Ways Virtual Book Tour ~ Day 5

Introducing Sherry Burton Ways, author of a brand new book: “Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit.

From February 1st – February 12th Sherry will visit 12 blogs on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends and experience something new.

Jan 13, 2013

Special Announcement And A Personal Invitation

Introducing Sherry Burton Ways. 

From February 1st – February 12th Sherry will visit 12 blogs on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends and experience something new. (We will be sharing a special book review on Tuesday February 5th)

On the tour, you will find 12 blogs featuring written Q&A interviews, videos, book reviews, radio show interviews, excerpts from the book, and articles like these:
  • Candle Color Power: A Healing Tool For Your Interior
  • Organic Bedding For a Healthier You
  • Your Favorite Color Is Your Healing Color

Your Home Is the Key to Overcoming Stress and Increasing Wellness”

This is the premise of her first book, Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating Your Home for Body, Mind and Spirit, by Washington, DC Interior D├ęcor expert, Sherry Burton-Ways.
In her book, Ms. Burton-Ways provides questions, suggestions, and exercises designed to help you create an environment that brings you peace, joy, balance and comfort, while also providing a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. Burton-Ways says, "Everybody's Feel Good Space will be different, but they will all have that 'home' feeling, and a feeling of warmth and acceptance for the person who inhabits it. It will provide a relaxing moment in time that takes the person back to themselves, elevates their mood, and empowers them for the rest of their life."
Burton-Ways presents concepts from which you can choose: color, furniture style, shape, texture and function, art, cultural and symbolic items, personal items and a clean and clutter-free environment. She provides separate chapters on these designs elements, which you can spin like a color wheel and make your selections.

You are invited you to meet Sherry at Kreative Ways Send Sherry a message on Twitter or Facebook and introduce yourself. Sherry is thrilled to have you follow along her virtual book tour. You may also connect with Sherry on Pinterest:

Jan 7, 2013

Have you lost your hot mama mojo? Find out how to get it back.


In this 3-lesson Live Online Course, Erin Cox, the energetic and inspirational author of One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby, will help participants to reclaim their Hot Mama Mojo...once and for all! 

Be THE women you've always dreamed you could be. Erin's guidance will lead you through an incredibly fun and revolutionary life-rejuvenation process. These are just some of the questions she will be addressing in her Online Event:

* Do you ever feel like you've lost your SELF to being a mom?
* Has your love life taken a hit because you don't feel sexy anymore?
* Have you lost touch with your spirituality and sense of inner peace?
* Could you use a little more time to yourself and more fun in your life?
* Would you like to have more vibrant energy and abundant health?
* Do you want to be a better lover, mother, or friend?
* Do you feel stuck in bad habits or negative self-talk that prevents you from being the best version of yourself?

Sign up for Erin's event and receive a FREE copy of Erin's hit book, One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby!

You'll also receive exclusive bonus material including:
. The One Hot Mama Healthy Eating Plan
. Recipes and Shopping lists to help keep you hot and healthy
. Erin's One Hot Mama exercise videos to help you get fit and stay fit

Click on the banner below for more information.

Lesson Details:
January 15, 4:00 - 5:30 PM Pacific / 7:00 - 8:30 PM Eastern
Lesson One: Your Happier Life
During Lesson 1, we will start by discussing the real you...within. Erin focuses on topics such as spirituality, self-esteem, and self-talk. Busy mothers often let their spirituality go by the wayside when this key to inner peace is needed more than ever. We will discuss meditation, prayer, and solitude as key topics for achieving a sense of calm and peace. Over-tasked and stressed-out women also often get stuck ruminating on negative thoughts, and are not entirely present in their life to experience the beauty and joy that surrounds them. You will learn useful tips that actually work to help you be a more present and joyful woman. 

Dec 24, 2012

Thank You Jennifer Laurent For Sharing Our Blog In Your Recent Article

We would like to send out a big thank you to author Jennifer Laurent for featuring Intentional Conscious Parenting in her recent article 12 Conscious Parenting/Living Blogs.

We hope you will venture over to Jennifer's website to see her list of 12 blogs that inspire her. Gluten free cooking, spirituality, organic recipes, conscious parenting, positive living and gratitude are just a few of the topics covered. 

Jennifer is also the author of a new book Excerpts From The Heart Of A Mom

Nov 1, 2012

Parenting and the Law of Attraction By Christina Fletcher

"We are spiritual, resonating beings. What we feel sends off ripples through our being, and what we think about, the perspective from which we see what comes our way, create the feeling space we walk around in."

Oh, we've all been there. Those days when nothing seems to go right: our children can’t find their shoes, we run late, get stuck in traffic and then, of course, a diaper needs changing. Parenting can truly create the most frustrating scenarios, and they always seem to run in threads, when really, we can’t help but think the only thing we can do is let them run their course and hope we get to bed early. But then, usually someone is teething or sick and there’s no sleep to be had. What is behind the cycle and how do we break them? Oh sure, some may say it’s just bad luck, but is it really?

The Law of Attraction has been talked about in whispers for years and maybe a little louder lately. The principle behind it is “That like itself is drawn”, basically that something attracts more of the same, hence, the “run” of bad luck. When something frustrates us, and we really get frustrated, than we send out a clear signal of Frustration and the universe feels the signal, assumes we’re asking for more, and sends us more of the same. And more, and more, and more… until the signal is changed. I like to explain it to my children as how we feel acts like a giant magnet and it always pulls to us what’s the same as the magnet we’re holding up.

We are spiritual, resonating beings. What we feel sends off ripples through our being, and what we think about, the perspective from which we see what comes our way, create the feeling space we walk around in. The Law of Attraction picks that feeling space up and our day, and the things that fall in its way, is created.

Aug 28, 2012

An Interview with renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant Cyndi Dale.

We have a special treat for you. We recently interviewed intuitive author Cyndi Dale. We can't wait for you to read her inspirational answers. We want to send out a special thank you to Cyndi for sharing such deep answers. She truly walks an intuitive connected path. Enjoy! Please share your thoughts. If you have any follow up questions, share them. We'll make sure Cyndi sees your questions. ~ Carol and Stacy

Carol and Stacy:    At what age did you know your were intuitive or have your first intuitive experience?

Cyndi: I didn’t have a label for the phenomenon, but I was intuitive as a very small child. I actually remember being in my mother’s womb and watching sound waves pass through her skin and into me. They were huge and colorful and the ones that came from angry comments actually hurt.

Interesting…those spots that were hit by the harsh comments have been the same ones I’ve had afflictions, such as infections, palpitations, and more.

At about three or four, I recall seeing angels. I saw them as a child might: as big with wings. There was one I favored in particular since he would have tea parties with me. Imagine sitting with an angel at a child’s table, his wings dripping onto the floor, his gigantic hands picking up tiny teacups.

But I also saw beings that weren’t so delightful. I could hear and see ghosts, people who continued to stay around though dead. These weren’t particular scary, most of the time, except when I was three and a half, we moved to California and I saw the image of a woman hanging by a noose in our garage. My parents later told me that yes, in fact, someone had hung herself in the garage. I also saw figures I would call demonic—dark, grey, and shadowy, float around the room and sometimes, into and out of my parents when they were in bad moods.

Carol and Stacy:    What was your childhood like? Are your parents intuitive? 

Cyndi: I had a mixed childhood. I lived a lot in my dreams and intuitions, sometimes forcing my sisters to engage with me in that subtle world. Modeled after some of the ghosts I saw, especially those in long flowing gowns, and what seemed to be their life stories, I’d play dress up, write stories, put on plays.

I also loved nature. To me, it was alive. There was a sense about the grass that was different than the trees; rocks had personalities; stream beds, promises.

I believe that my parents were intuitive but didn’t know or like it. My dad would shake his head if I shared a perception and say,

Jul 24, 2012

Review: The Intuition GuideBook How To Safely And Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense

Cyndi Dale has put together an unmeasurable resource for those who wish to develop their intuition, study their chakras and energy on a more in depth level.

The Intuition Guidebook-How To Safely And Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense is perfect for beginners and delightfully stimulating for the more advanced.

Cyndi Dale covers subject matter not widely talked about but very vital to healthy energetic growth and intuitive development.

"Ultimately, being connected to the greater presence presents you with the greatest gift of all: affirmation of your own presence."

Some of our favorite subjects in The Intuition Guidebook:
1. Five steps for safe psychic activity.
2. How to prepare yourself to be able to become more intuitive.
3. The role feelings play in psychic discernment.
4. Universal laws and how they are all recognized by people and indigenous cultures from all around the world.
5. The importance of getting a gatekeeper, a special being that will help you discern helpful from unhelpful energies, messages and behaviors.
6. The infinite power of love.

One of the reasons we became best friends and have gotten along so well for 26 years is do to the fact we both are very intuitive and empathic. We always talk about following your intuition and developing your psychic skills. Cyndi's newest guidebook gives you the tools to do this. When we take the time to develop our inner selves and then in turn teach these tools to our children, we empower them to lead more fulfilling, connected and rewarding lives.

"The basis of all psychic issues-whether the problem lies in your auric field, your chakras, or any other energy body-is in your programming. A program is a belief that controls our thoughts, emotions, activities, and reactions to life events."

All quotes are from The Intuition Guidebook How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense.
Review by: Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten