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Feb 13, 2013

10 Resources To Support You Along Your Parenting Path.

Parenting is not always easy. It comes with triumphs and tribulations. We wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We were born to be parents. It definitely wasn't always easy, even as our children get older it's not always easy. Once a parent, always a parent. Your roles shift and change as your children grow up into adults, you may still want to take their pain away, protect them from poor choices and guide them, but there comes a time when you have to step back and let them navigate their own path. 

Jun 21, 2012

Calling All Parents~Ignite The Light Event With Vicki Savini

Calling All Parents! Have you heard about Vicki Savini's free online event? 

Ignite the Light: Creating Strong Foundations for Children and Adults
Vicki Savini Live Online Event

Date: June 26, 2012, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Pacific Time
Sponsored by: Hay House
Format: Live Online Event

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Have you ever taken the time to look at how your childhood affects the current life you lead today? 

Let’s face it, when children are born, no one is given a manual that describes how to teach them to navigate the waters of life successfully. We simply do the best we can, to teach our children well, based on the tools we acquired from our own experiences. At the ripe ‘ole age of five, our children go to school and are given tools to be academically successful, but they are not likely to get tools to help them to honor the light within, which is certainly the most important lesson in life.

What if, as parents and teachers, we were given tools to teach our children how to shine that light within and be true to themselves, not only today, but in their future? What if those same tools could also help YOU to ignite your own light?

Whether your childhood was horrific, picture perfect, or something in between, your childhood was your foundation, and it’s simply too precious to ignore!

If we want to create positive changes in our world, we need to begin by creating solid foundations for our youth. In the process, you are sure to repair and strengthen your own foundation.

In this timeless Live Online Event, Vicki Savini will educate, enlighten, and empower you to create strong foundations for our children and strengthen and repair your own foundation so that you can be your absolute best!

Vicki is a mindful mother and teacher who educates, enlightens, and empowers children and adults to be their absolute best. She teaches ‘out of the box’ strategies in the public school system. Vicki is a life coach, an author, and a dynamic inspirational speaker who has touched countless lives with her simple, yet divinely inspired life strategies. She was a Speak, Write & Promote: Movers & Shakers Conference attendee, who was chosen to bring her very important message to you, through Hay House.

During this 90 minute event you will…

  • Learn the importance of childhood as our foundation in life.

  • Understand the essentials of building strong foundations for our children.

  • Embrace simple tools to repair and strengthen your own foundation.

  • Be empowered to reveal your true self and guide children to always shine the light within!

Pause for a moment (or perhaps 90 minutes) and take the time to find your true reflection by honoring the child within and pledging to educate, enlighten, and empower the children in your life. Take this step with me to Ignite the Light!

Please Note: Hay House is bringing this special live online event to you for free! If you can’t make the live event, it will be for sale in our on demand library the following week.

Apr 2, 2012

KidSpeak Radio Show~A radio show where kids can speak their truth!

Update From Vicki Savini

Speaking Your Truth!

KidSpeak Radio Show Makes a Debut

A Radio Show Where Kids Can Speak THEIR Truth

Hello Everyone!

I am writing to you today to share our first radio show.  This particular show is a powerful 16 minutes.  If you have children, I encourage you to listen with your children.  My first graders have taken 'I Statements' to a whole new level!



Mar 9, 2012

Carol And Stacy Interview Children's Author Vicki Scalzo-Savini

Article first published as The Light Inside of Me - An Interview with Author, Vicki Scalzo on Technorati.

1. What inspired you to write The Light Inside Of Me?

     I was inspired to write “The Light Inside of Me,” by a child who had anger issues. A few years ago I was in a situation where one of our elementary schools had asbestos, so they closed the school to remove it and moved our whole school into another building and we all doubled up. I worked with a friend of mine.  Together we had approximately 40 children in the class.  While one of us was teaching, the other would co-teach or prep the next lesson. One of my colleague’s students, named Bryce, was giving her an awful time.  He was very disrespectful and angry in general.  I took a liking to him because I saw that inside that hard shell he pretended to have, he was an amazing kid just looking to be noticed.  I sat down at the desk and wrote a poem titled, “The Light Inside of Me” to do a reader response with the kids. It changed Bryce’s life, my life, and hopefully millions of children in the near future!

2. Where did you get the idea to use children's illustrations?  What a fantastic concept!

     I had this book typed behind my desk for years. For fun, I would have the children illustrate different pages each year.  I never saw this book illustrated by an adult; I always knew it had to be illustrated by children because they have an amazing way of expressing their brilliance. When I finally decided to move forward to publish, there was never a question as to who would illustrate the book. I held an art contest in my elementary school and the rest is history.

    3. When did your deep love for teaching and inspiring children begin?   

Mar 5, 2012

An Invitation From Vick Savini

The Infinity Foundation

Presents... The Greatest Love

There is a DEFINITE reason why you are instructed to put the oxygen mask on your face first in an aircraft, before you help others, in the event of an emergency...

If you can't breathe, you certainly cannot help others!

Just for a moment, consider what it takes to create a building in our society...

It usually starts with a blueprint of some sort, then the foundation is laid, and the structure is built on top of that foundation.  What would happen to that building if the foundation was not strong, safe, and reliable?  Right!  It would likely pose a danger to society at some point in time.

 Imagine that we, as human beings, have a foundation…  Our foundation is laid in childhood,  and truth is, you cannot say, ‘What happens in childhood, stays in childhood,’ but the good news is...
It’s never too late to repair and strengthen the foundation you began with.  

When you sign up for my new complimentary eBook, you will learn that the first step in building, repairing, or strengthening a foundation is to love yourself.

Now, I know that sounds cliché, and you’ve likely heard it several times before, but it is what it is, and learning to love yourself, truly is the greatest love of all!