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Mar 5, 2012

An Invitation From Vick Savini

The Infinity Foundation

Presents... The Greatest Love

There is a DEFINITE reason why you are instructed to put the oxygen mask on your face first in an aircraft, before you help others, in the event of an emergency...

If you can't breathe, you certainly cannot help others!

Just for a moment, consider what it takes to create a building in our society...

It usually starts with a blueprint of some sort, then the foundation is laid, and the structure is built on top of that foundation.  What would happen to that building if the foundation was not strong, safe, and reliable?  Right!  It would likely pose a danger to society at some point in time.

 Imagine that we, as human beings, have a foundation…  Our foundation is laid in childhood,  and truth is, you cannot say, ‘What happens in childhood, stays in childhood,’ but the good news is...
It’s never too late to repair and strengthen the foundation you began with.  

When you sign up for my new complimentary eBook, you will learn that the first step in building, repairing, or strengthening a foundation is to love yourself.

Now, I know that sounds cliché, and you’ve likely heard it several times before, but it is what it is, and learning to love yourself, truly is the greatest love of all!