Feb 13, 2013

10 Resources To Support You Along Your Parenting Path.

Parenting is not always easy. It comes with triumphs and tribulations. We wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We were born to be parents. It definitely wasn't always easy, even as our children get older it's not always easy. Once a parent, always a parent. Your roles shift and change as your children grow up into adults, you may still want to take their pain away, protect them from poor choices and guide them, but there comes a time when you have to step back and let them navigate their own path. 

Parenting for everyone is different. Most find it rather hard and some find the answers they need seem to come to them in one form or another. Intentional conscious parenting is about being aware and awake through your parenting process. It's about taking responsibility. It's about learning just as much from your children as they learn from you.

When you are tuned in, balanced and grounded in your parenting you might stop to ponder the lesson you are learning right along with your child as they experience life's lessons along their journey. You really listen to what your children are asking for, needing, seeing, feeling. When you can't figure it out you ask for help. You look for guidance and you know you don't have to do it all alone.

There's no such thing as a perfect parent. We do the best we can. Carol always thought parenting came naturally to most parents. Boy, was she wrong. While working as a Family Resource Specialist at an elementary school she realized quickly some parent's were completely winging it. Some were really struggling and needed all the help they could get. Some had a really good grip and just needed a little help.

Through our blogging, book reviewing and parenting adventures we have come across some really great parenting resources. We thought we would compile them here for easy reference.

Here is our top 10 picks for supporting you along your parenting path. We are always on the lookout for additional resources. Do you recommend someone? Leave a comment and tell us all about them.

1. Intentional Conscious Parenting - Yep right here on our blog we have conscious parenting book reviews, author interviews, incredible articles related to children's health, law of attraction, connecting with nature, color therapy and so much more. Feel free to explore.

2. All Things Healing Family and Parenting Community - We are assistant editors so of course we are fond of all the great content found here but there are many other contributors. This entire website is phenomenal and worth checking out. You can find information on holistic health, nutrition, energy medicine, herbalism, dream medicine, meditation and much, much more.

3. Soul to Soul Perspective: A Little Bit of Soul Goes a Long Way! We've been big fans of Annie Burnside since she approached us to review her book in early 2011. Since launching her book Soul To Soul Parenting A guide To Raising A Spiritually Conscious Family By Annie Burnside, M.Ed, she has gone on to be a top name in the conscious parenting field. She writes very informative articles and also has her own very popular radio show. 

4. Simon Paul Harrison - Truly a gifted author and inspiration to helping people and children re-connect with mother earth. He's on a mission and he makes no secret about it. Simon is the author of The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children. Visit his website to learn more about his free classes and outdoor programs.

5. Zen Parenting Radio - Cathy and Todd Adams teach zen parenting classes and have a radio show. Cathy is a blogger for Chicago Parent Magazine and the author of The Self-Aware Parent: 19 Lessons for Growing with Your Children .

6. Totally Different Dad - Brendon Watt's approach to parenting is one of empowerment, choice and contribution. He wants to help parents turn feelings of struggling and sacrificing into joyful freedom. Follow Brendon on Blog Talk Radio. 

7. Dr. Shefali TsabaryShefali Tsabary, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York. She is the author of The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children.  Shefali has a very insightful delicate approach to parenting. We appreciate her ability to teach parenting skills from a mindful perspective.

8. Vicki Savini - An educator who believes in teaching children tools that will help them speak their inner truth and believe in themselves. Vicki is the author of the children's book The Light Inside of Me A Simple Way To Guide Children Towards Making Good Choices. Vicki offers classes, coaching, speaking and occasionally does a live class for Hay House. 

9. Lori Petro - Teach through love is Lori's motto. She shows parents how to parent through example, empathy, tolerance and peaceful conflict resolution. Professional services and support provided.

10. Suzi Miller - ALIGN TO YOURSELF, SUPPORT YOUR CHILDREN! Suzi's viewpoint completely expanded our beliefs on these amazing children. It is no accident autism is on the rise. Planet earth has been sent some incredible children to assist us through a massive change. An energetic change. Suzy is the author of 
AWESOMISM!: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism. Join Suzy on the 4th Friday of every month from 9:00- 10:00 am PST to listen in to her radio show Pure Presence: All About The Kids with Suzy Miller. If you are a parent with an autistic child please reach out to Suzy, listen to her shows, read her book and let her wisdom help you. 

Thanks for reading our blog. Leave us a comment about what you think. What kind of articles surrounding conscious parenting would you like to see more of?
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Namaste, Carol and Stacy