Mar 9, 2012

Carol And Stacy Interview Children's Author Vicki Scalzo-Savini

Article first published as The Light Inside of Me - An Interview with Author, Vicki Scalzo on Technorati.

1. What inspired you to write The Light Inside Of Me?

     I was inspired to write “The Light Inside of Me,” by a child who had anger issues. A few years ago I was in a situation where one of our elementary schools had asbestos, so they closed the school to remove it and moved our whole school into another building and we all doubled up. I worked with a friend of mine.  Together we had approximately 40 children in the class.  While one of us was teaching, the other would co-teach or prep the next lesson. One of my colleague’s students, named Bryce, was giving her an awful time.  He was very disrespectful and angry in general.  I took a liking to him because I saw that inside that hard shell he pretended to have, he was an amazing kid just looking to be noticed.  I sat down at the desk and wrote a poem titled, “The Light Inside of Me” to do a reader response with the kids. It changed Bryce’s life, my life, and hopefully millions of children in the near future!

2. Where did you get the idea to use children's illustrations?  What a fantastic concept!

     I had this book typed behind my desk for years. For fun, I would have the children illustrate different pages each year.  I never saw this book illustrated by an adult; I always knew it had to be illustrated by children because they have an amazing way of expressing their brilliance. When I finally decided to move forward to publish, there was never a question as to who would illustrate the book. I held an art contest in my elementary school and the rest is history.

    3. When did your deep love for teaching and inspiring children begin?   
     My deep love for teaching and inspiring children began when I was a child myself. I had a blackboard in my basement and was always pretending to be the teacher. As I got older, I was always involved in helping younger students in my elementary school. It’s just been part of my life’s work.

    4. What was the children's reaction when you asked them to illustrate your book?
    The kids at our school were incredibly excited to have the chance to illustrate my book. I had well over 200 entries and it was very difficult to decide which would actually go into the book. The best part was handing the illustrators sharpies at their first book signing, sitting back, and watching them beam with pride!

5. Do you feel this gave them an extra incentive to follow their passions and dreams?

     I hope that this gave the children a boost in their own self esteem and showed them that anything can happen if you just believe in yourself!

6. Can you tell us more about your Infinity Foundation?

     The Infinity Foundation is an organization that I created several years ago to educate, enlighten, and empower individuals to be their absolute best. Eventually, I would like to have a wellness center that offers ‘family retreats’. At this point, it is an online resource for parents, teachers, and caring individuals to be their absolute best.  Soon, the website will offer teleclasses so that I can reach more people across the nation.

7. Did you always want to be an author? Was this a childhood dream?

     I believe that I have been writing books from the time I was a small child.  I marvel at my own 6 year old son as he dictates books to me on my iPhone.  I always knew I wanted to write a book at some point. I started with the children’s book (and there are more to come), and recently put in a book proposal to Hay House Publishing Company to publish an empowerment book.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Hay House to present a Live Web Event with them. That will be happening sometime this Spring.  You can stay tuned for the exact date on my facebook page  or at the website   The content will revolve around my main focus “Childhood is too precious to ignore”. I focus on teaching people that childhood is our foundation, just like a foundation to a building. If we can give children a strong foundation during childhood, then they will likely navigate the waters of life more effectively. If we didn’t have a strong foundation in our own childhood, or there are a few crack in the foundation, it is never too late to repair and strengthen our foundations. This is all part of the work I do, and “The Light Inside of Me” is a beautiful springboard to this.

    8. How did you pick these particular illustrators? Did you explain the book to them? Was there a set amount of pictures you needed?

     I sat with a local artist and laid all of the entries out on my living room floor. We then made a storyboard to see which pictures looked best together, and which captivated us the most. We never looked at names until all of the pictures were chosen. It was a difficult process, but well worth it.

    9. Can you tell us more about the work you are doing with Hay House?

     I will be presenting a Live Web Event with Hay House based on the preservation of childhood. My work focuses on educating, enlightening, and empowering children and adults to be their absolute best. I like to keep it simple and offer simple, mindful solutions to daily living.

    10.  Were you raised knowing "the light inside of you" or did you learn this as an adult?

      I had amazing parents who raised me with love, kindness, and compassion. I did have a few cracks in my foundation, just like most people, and my biggest hurdle has been learning to really LOVE myself and therefore believe in myself….perhaps this is why I teach this very concept…we teach what we are here to learn!

    11.   Do you have anymore books in the works?

 Oh yes!  I have a book titled, “Nancy Tellie” that helps children to understand the difference between tattling and speaking their truth.  I’m looking to publish that book next year…and of course, I’m still looking to publish my empowerment book titled, “Handle with Care: Childhood is Too Precious to Ignore.”  I know it is all happening in the perfect time, right now, I’m just going along in the flow and enjoying the ride!

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Interview By Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

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