Nov 1, 2012

Parenting and the Law of Attraction By Christina Fletcher

"We are spiritual, resonating beings. What we feel sends off ripples through our being, and what we think about, the perspective from which we see what comes our way, create the feeling space we walk around in."

Oh, we've all been there. Those days when nothing seems to go right: our children can’t find their shoes, we run late, get stuck in traffic and then, of course, a diaper needs changing. Parenting can truly create the most frustrating scenarios, and they always seem to run in threads, when really, we can’t help but think the only thing we can do is let them run their course and hope we get to bed early. But then, usually someone is teething or sick and there’s no sleep to be had. What is behind the cycle and how do we break them? Oh sure, some may say it’s just bad luck, but is it really?

The Law of Attraction has been talked about in whispers for years and maybe a little louder lately. The principle behind it is “That like itself is drawn”, basically that something attracts more of the same, hence, the “run” of bad luck. When something frustrates us, and we really get frustrated, than we send out a clear signal of Frustration and the universe feels the signal, assumes we’re asking for more, and sends us more of the same. And more, and more, and more… until the signal is changed. I like to explain it to my children as how we feel acts like a giant magnet and it always pulls to us what’s the same as the magnet we’re holding up.

We are spiritual, resonating beings. What we feel sends off ripples through our being, and what we think about, the perspective from which we see what comes our way, create the feeling space we walk around in. The Law of Attraction picks that feeling space up and our day, and the things that fall in its way, is created.
So, how does this affect parenting, where babies wake up at all hours, children whine, we’re high in demand and can’t get things done, dishes pile high and the phone can’t be answered? Oh, it affects it and helps it on so many levels.
Yes, helps it. For although the Law of Attraction can make a frustrating day go from bad to worse, when we become aware of its power, and utilize it as a tool, we can create better days and parenting solutions. When a day full of bad luck starts off, rather than complaining about the frustrating situations that are coming our way, rather than dwelling on them and making them our focus, once we become aware of the Law of Attraction we notice where a day is headed. 

Therefore, rather than letting a day build up steam, and as a child cries while we try to juggle work, chores and Sesame Street, we can stop everything and push a reset button in our hearts and heads, and take control of our attraction point. What’s the reset button? Well, my favourites are play, a change of scene, and possibly (if the law of attraction hasn’t created enough frustration to prevent it) a quiet moment alone to focus on things to appreciate.

Our children offer us opportunities every minute of every day. They know how important it is to feel good, they sense that feeling good creates more of the same, and they are always eager to smile, laugh and play with us. When we take the time to play with our children, even in conversation, we allow life and wellbeing to flow and reset the attraction point for the entire family. It doesn’t mean that we have to drop everything and leave dirty dishes in the sink for the rest of the week; it simply means changing the feeling space and letting that wellbeing build. A simple family walk, leaving a bad day behind us, will create the space to stop the run of bad luck in its tracks. When we return, things will often miraculously feel better and we will be given indicators of it by opportunities to get things done without the stress that had been there before. Ten minutes of playing on the floor with our children will provide us with the relief we need to re-prioritize and quit the chatter in our heads that build up the steam for bad days to continue. If play and fun in the day is impossible to achieve, taking a few moments before bed to appreciate life, and build a better feeling space for ourselves, will have the next day lined up all the better.

Life is meant to be fun and well-being is meant to flow. No matter how pressing matters and business seem to be, our children are always there to remind us that play and laughter are the keys to a happy life and the Law of Attraction makes sure that when we take part in the fun things, ease and flow in the other side of life is sure to follow.

Christina Fletcher is an author and consultant on Spiritually Aware Parenting. Her current books Who They Really Are: a guide to being a spiritually aware parent from conception to age two and Moments for a spiritually aware parent, a book of inspiring passages for the busy parent, are available through her website or through Amazon. She also writes for 2 blogs, which is an online advice column and which relays personal experiences of finding happy solutions to parenting scenarios. Follow Spiritually Aware Parenting on Facebook for frequent inspiring passages or on Twitter at @whotheyare.


Anonymous said...

Hitting the "reset" button can be magical. So often as parents we are trying to juggle so much at one time. By pausing for just a moment and hitting that reset button we can shift our energy completely.

Our children are so sensitive to our energy--and know when we are faking it--that by shifting our energy we can often positively impact their energy as well. Not only is this a great tool for the present, it is a great tool that we teach our children so they can hit their own reset button in the future.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

We absolutely love your reset button tip! It is so vitally important for parents to be able to learn this and teach it to their children. It's a very valuable and priceless tool. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving us a comment. ~ Carol and Stacy

calvinewers said...

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Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thanks Calvin! Teaching children about their own personal power and the law of attraction is very important to us. We are glad to hear there are readers enjoying our Intentional Conscious Parenting blog. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

Unknown said...

It isn't always easy to hit the reset button as you have pointed out, but the first step is our awareness. Once we are aware of our thoughts and the energy that we are putting out, then we have the power to choose to hit the reset button.

Even though it is about our energy, having a physical representation of the reset button for parents and kids to use can be helpful.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Sharon, you are so right. It is about our energy. It's more so about the parents energy than the childs. Stopping, taking a breath, getting present within yourself and parenting from a place of self awareness is key. Sometimes it's easy to drop the ball and parent from outside of ourselves instead of from within.