Oct 25, 2012

Connecting To Who Our Children REALLY Are By Christina Fletcher

We are happy to share with you a beautiful guest article by Christina Fletcher.
Christina truly writes from a conscious parenting perspective. Enjoy!

We are all spiritual beings.

These bodies we carry around with us only represent us to the physical world. When we connect to Who We Really Are then we connect to each other too, as truly we are all one, part of the same whole. It goes for our children as well. So often society likes to put kids over in a corner labelled as “children” and we forget that their essence is the same as ours. They too, as spiritual beings, are born to experience life, try things out, form opinions, connect to everything they are at their Source and disconnect sometimes too, just to gain perspective on everything. Since they just got here, they remember very clearly how things are supposed to be. They know connection, they know where they’ve come from, and they know how it feels to be acting from a place of well being.

As parents we can help our children retain this natural knowledge and offer them tools for a happier, more aware life. Often, we have to relearn it ourselves, but being spiritually aware is really about becoming conscious on the importance of emotions and using the knowledge of them as indicators to how connected we really are. Spirit (us) is a positive energy force. Therefore, when we are connected we feel wonderful: we skip, we laugh,
and we want to dance through the streets. When we feel frustrated, angry, hurt, resentful, it indicates we’ve strayed from ourselves and the greater part of our beings. Whereas we often think things outside of us create how we feel, it is usually our thoughts and reactions to what’s being presented to us from the outside world. When we are connected we are quicker to shift to the better feeling perspective and, on the flip side, in searching for that option, we can connect to our Source easier.

So, what about our children, who are so often told not to do what they want: to stop skipping, jumping, and laughing too loud? What about them, who, having just got here, have a closer understanding to what spirit is, to the point that when they feel disconnected it can cause them to have a complete melt down just because they haven’t yet been conditioned to simply grin and bear it? When we view our children as the spiritual beings they really are and forgo trying to mould them and control them to do what makes us feel better, than we open up new possibilities for happy living. We can appreciate their joy and over excitement over little things we may have taken for granted, but has brought them to such a state of connection they literally burble. We can also see deeper into tantrums and outbursts, which before may have sparked us to demand them to “smarten up and get on with it”, now they show us our children’s disconnection and how it literally hurts them. With that shift, rather than disconnecting ourselves with getting upset and mad, we can stop, breathe, and offer our children relief through either distraction to something that feels better or by offering them love and encouragement.

Positive parenting is becoming more and more rampant, as parents are realizing how they don’t want to suppress their children and control them. It’s being proven daily that the traditional parenting method of discipline and control not only do serious damage to our children emotionally and mentally, but it also harms us as it creates anger and frustration within us, therefore pushing the disconnection button on our own spiritual link. However, sometimes positive parenting can seem like another list of techniques and requirements, if we don’t look deeper within to how things actually feel and how our children feel. By seeing us all as spiritually beings, than we open ourselves up to the tools of universal powers and solutions seem to flow in unexplainably.

But how do find that sense of spiritual connection when a child is screaming, shouting and not listening to a word we say? (No matter how politely we ask.)  It is through our own connection to our Source that we can tap in to the essence of our children, so we can truly see the world through their eyes and understand their connection or disconnection as the case may be. When we are disconnected, our children’s off behavior can grate on us like sandpaper and we can’t see clearly. When we take a few moments, even just before bed, to appreciate the little things, the world we live in and the life we have, when we focus on what is going well, and shift from things that have gone awry and when we look for any reason to feel better and become aware of our own connection, than we develop awareness for our children’s. It’s a magic circle, really. For with our connection we see our children’s, and with the joy of taking part in our children’s spiritual journey, rather than just feeding and watering them, we have more to be joyful for.

Christina Fletcher is an author and consultant on Spiritually Aware Parenting. Her current books Who They Really Are: a guide to being a spiritually aware parent from conception to age two and Moments for a spiritually aware parent, a book of inspiring passages for the busy parent, are available through her website www.spirituallyawareparenting.com or through Amazon. She also writes for 2 blogs, www.spirituallyawareparenting.blogspot.com which is an online advice column and www.parentingfromsource.blogspot.com which relays personal experiences of finding happy solutions to parenting scenarios. Follow Spiritually Aware Parenting on Facebook for frequent inspiring passages or on Twitter at @whotheyare.

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