Nov 7, 2013

Book Review: Kai And The Magic Jacket

Kai And The Magic Jacket By Tricia Chinn Campbell 

A must read children's book.
To all you parents out there looking for a great example to show & teach your children about having a relationship with spirit, ancestors, guardian angels and guides. Kai And The Magic Jacket depicts an exemplary example of how to demonstrate to your children how they can listen, feel and call upon spirit at any given time. 

Here's one of our favorite lines out of Kai And The Magic Jacket.
"We will be like a whisper in your ear, or a knowing in your heart. Just close your eyes and talk to us in your thoughts -- then look and listen for answers. You know we are always there." 

As Tricia states on the back of the book this definitely is a coming of age story where children learn about peer pressure, making good choices, developing confidence and learning about their instincts all in a lighthearted manner. 

We welcomed with open arms, great grandmother and great grandfather as the illustrations came alive and jumped right off the pages at us. Magic was in the air!

This was a real treat to get to review such a transparent children's book. Thank you so much Tricia, this is one book we would have read to our children when they were little. We look forward to reading it to our grandchildren. 

Tricia Chinn Campbell is an alumni of Chapman University in Orange, CA. After earning her BA in Communications, Tricia pursued a career in Advertising and Marketing in both the Los Angeles and Seattle markets. Originally a "Seattlelite" from Washington State, Tricia currently resides in a small mountain town in Colorado with her husband and two kids.
She wrote the story about Kai while pregnant with her son Chance in 2007. The goal was to develop a story featuring a half-Asian/half-Anglo boy (aka "hapa") that would capture the imagination of all children, regardless of their ethnicity and/or cultural background.
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