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Mar 31, 2014

Simple Energetic Tools For Promoting Physical And Energetic Health.

Chakra painting by Carol Lawrence

"Whenever anything is out of balance In your energy bodies or in your physical body, it automatically seeks to regain balance. Most of this system runs beneath the level of your conscious awareness. The wisdom held in this area of your being is probably much greater than you realize. We are just beginning to learn how to utilize it consciously." ~ Barbara Brennan 


Chakras look like funnels of energy. They exist on the seven levels of your energetic field. They extend out in the front and back of your body.

Chakras take in and absorb energy (Chi) from the universal life energy field. If a Chakra stops functioning properly or becomes clogged the intake of energy will be disturbed. The body organs served by that Chakra will not get their needed supply. If dysfunction continues, normal functioning of the organs and body parts in that particular area can become weakened, as will immune defenses. Over time disease can set in, in that part of the body. - Excerpt from Light Emerging: The Journey Of Personal Healing

We feel Chakra health is so important we have a page dedicated to it. 

Jul 24, 2012

Review: The Intuition GuideBook How To Safely And Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense

Cyndi Dale has put together an unmeasurable resource for those who wish to develop their intuition, study their chakras and energy on a more in depth level.

The Intuition Guidebook-How To Safely And Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense is perfect for beginners and delightfully stimulating for the more advanced.

Cyndi Dale covers subject matter not widely talked about but very vital to healthy energetic growth and intuitive development.

"Ultimately, being connected to the greater presence presents you with the greatest gift of all: affirmation of your own presence."

Some of our favorite subjects in The Intuition Guidebook:
1. Five steps for safe psychic activity.
2. How to prepare yourself to be able to become more intuitive.
3. The role feelings play in psychic discernment.
4. Universal laws and how they are all recognized by people and indigenous cultures from all around the world.
5. The importance of getting a gatekeeper, a special being that will help you discern helpful from unhelpful energies, messages and behaviors.
6. The infinite power of love.

One of the reasons we became best friends and have gotten along so well for 26 years is do to the fact we both are very intuitive and empathic. We always talk about following your intuition and developing your psychic skills. Cyndi's newest guidebook gives you the tools to do this. When we take the time to develop our inner selves and then in turn teach these tools to our children, we empower them to lead more fulfilling, connected and rewarding lives.

"The basis of all psychic issues-whether the problem lies in your auric field, your chakras, or any other energy body-is in your programming. A program is a belief that controls our thoughts, emotions, activities, and reactions to life events."

All quotes are from The Intuition Guidebook How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense.
Review by: Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

Jan 18, 2012

Energy Boundaries For Kids: Helping Them Be The "You" That They Are.

Energy Boundaries for Kids:
Helping Them Be The “You” That They Are
By Cyndi Dale

A while back, I received a call from my son’s school.

Now I’ve been called by the principal every so often for all sorts of concerns. There was the time Gabe “accidently” punched a kid in the stomach after the other kid “mistakenly” kicked him in the gut. There was the day nearly every boy’s mother was asked to restrict her son’s activities at school, after the boys collectively staged a mass jump into a huge mud puddle—the one near the recess teacher. There have been the flu calls and the “dog ate the homework” calls, the latter usually accurate, as we’ve tended to host dogs that eat just about everything, except the dog food, of course. This particular call, however, flipped my stomach.

“Your son threw his back out,” the school nurse informed me.

“How?” I asked, my stomach now officially sinking.

“Apparently he was simply sitting in his desk at 1:30 and said his back started throbbing. He’s having a hard time walking right now.”

I groaned—not only because I was concerned about Gabe’s well being, but also because I was the reason for his malady. You see at precisely 1:30 p.m. that day I was “releasing energy” from my lower back while sitting in an office with my therapist. My “old emotions” had transferred immediately from my body to Gabe’s, no stopping at “Go.”

I can’t count how many times I’ve been certain that Gabe’s issues were a result of absorbed energy rather than a particular germ or emotive problem. Sometimes he picks up my energy, other times, his father’s. Because he, like so many children, is such an open child, however, he’s fair game for attracting feelings, thoughts, illnesses, and frankly, even entities from friends, relatives, and more. As I work as an energy healer and intuitive consultant, he can even pick up my clients’ energies off of me through a process that is quite complex, and once in a while, even humorous.

For instance, I once hung up the phone after talking with a client who had a popcorn addiction. I emerged from my private office to Gabe’s clamor. “Mom, can we make popcorn? Please, please?”

We are open systems because we are energetic beings. Everything is made of energy, which is simply information that moves. Some energy—or information—moves slower than the speed of light. This is sensory or physical energy and is relatively recognizable by our five senses. We can hear, see, touch, smell, and taste sensory energy.

This energy is not only fairly constant but also easy to contain. We can’t hear what someone is thinking unless they share out loud. We can’t describe a photo unless it’s in front of our eyes. There’s an entirely different sort of energy, however, that operates faster than the speed of light and can permeate our skin, sneaking through to roost inside of us. This is subtle or psychic energy.

Subtle energy doesn’t stop at road signs. It’s not controllable by the Newtonian traffic cops of the universe.