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Apr 13, 2014

A Fun Color Breathing Activity To Do With Your Children To Charge, Clear and Balance Their Energy Fields.

(An example of handy colored items found around the house.)

Color Breathing With Your Children.

Here is a fun simple color breathing activity to do with your child to clear, charge and balance their energy field. 

You are going to need a container to hold your colored objects. A plastic bowl, bucket or basket will work just fine. Next, gather 7-10 colored objects. Choose any color you would like such as blue, green, yellow, Indigo, purple, rose, gold or white. The colored objects can simply be colored paper, pieces of cloth, toys or handy items found around the house. Together with your children choose the colors you will be using and send everyone on a scavenger hunt to find items of these colors.

Mar 31, 2014

Simple Energetic Tools For Promoting Physical And Energetic Health.

Chakra painting by Carol Lawrence

"Whenever anything is out of balance In your energy bodies or in your physical body, it automatically seeks to regain balance. Most of this system runs beneath the level of your conscious awareness. The wisdom held in this area of your being is probably much greater than you realize. We are just beginning to learn how to utilize it consciously." ~ Barbara Brennan 


Chakras look like funnels of energy. They exist on the seven levels of your energetic field. They extend out in the front and back of your body.

Chakras take in and absorb energy (Chi) from the universal life energy field. If a Chakra stops functioning properly or becomes clogged the intake of energy will be disturbed. The body organs served by that Chakra will not get their needed supply. If dysfunction continues, normal functioning of the organs and body parts in that particular area can become weakened, as will immune defenses. Over time disease can set in, in that part of the body. - Excerpt from Light Emerging: The Journey Of Personal Healing

We feel Chakra health is so important we have a page dedicated to it. 

Mar 6, 2012

Review: Frequency The Power Of Personal Vibration By Penney Peirce

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~ Harold Whitman

Frequency the Power of Personal Vibration By Penney Pierce 

Book includes free audio downloads to assist you on your journey.

Frequency The Power of Personal Vibration By Penney Peirce is a manual for living an energetically intuned life! Learn how to "feel" your way through life "frequency" by "frequency."

Penney's new book embraces a new way of experiencing life as a vibrational being.

"When you start using senses you've neglected, your reward is to see the world with completely fresh eyes." ~ Barbara Sher

"You might find that heightened empathy--the sense of loving the light within others and feeling connected because of it - helps you know what exactly people need, even before they do" ~ Penney Peirce

What a gift Penney Peirce gives her readers. Instructions on how to "activate your diamond light body." This should be made into a poster. Penney describes your diamond light body, how to step into it, activate it, maintain it and put it to use. This is a priceless gift.

"Transformation literally means going beyond your form." ~ Wayne Dyer

Have you ever wondered how your feeling habits were developed?

Sep 28, 2011

Win A Copy Of Frequency The Power Of Personal Vibration By Penney Peirce

Hello ICP Readers! You don't want to miss this giveaway. 

We are very excited about this giveaway. We've had our eye on Frequency and we are very excited to read it. You know how much we love the subject of energy, intuition and transformation. Of course we'll share our full review after we're done. 

A pioneer in the intuition development movement, Penney Peirce is a trainer and consultant specializing in intuition and sensitivity development, as well as the popular author of The Intuitive Way and Frequency

Penney Peirce's Frequency teaches readers how to detect and manipulate their own personal energies to transform their lives, maximize clarity, minimize struggles, and discover new abilities.

New in paperback, Frequency now comes with five downloadable audio companions to further enhance your work with your personal vibration and home frequency.

Our sweepstakes gives the opportunity to win an Intuitive Consultation with Penney.  In these sessions she helps individuals move through troublesome personal and career matters, and step enthusiastically into their next level of self-expression.

Here are the sweepstake prizes available:

Jul 23, 2011

Did you know everything is energy?

Do you know everything around you is energy. Every tree, rock, flower, phone..
Every thought you have  is energy.
Do you feel connected to this energy? Is your life flowing smoothly for you right now? Life feels really hard when you are disconnected. Would you like to connect with others on a more conscious living and parenting path? Learning the fundamentals of energy and how to take care of yourself energetically can change your life. Take control and own your own energy.

What if you had hidden superpowers, but
didn’t realize it?

Discovering energy tools is like discovering
your Hidden Superpowers… you can leap over
the obstacles that used to make you feel
trapped, to get f.r.e.e in an instant. (You
probably won’t believe me until you try it,
but it’s true.)

Here's how to find out how:

Jul 14, 2011

Ever lost your keys…to life?

Have you ever lost your keys, but they were
right in front of you? ( I have)

What I’m about to share with you is the truth,
and it’s not only right in front of you, it is you.
You may at first be skeptical, but when you
try it (even just ONCE) you’ll never be able to
refute it.

In just five minutes of experiencing this, you’ll
realize it’s a true key to life!

What is this key of life?

Everything Is Energy…(you included)

Scientists like Einstein have known this for
decades…but until recently we haven’t known
how to utilize it to transform our finan*ces,
careers, relationships, health, or any other area.

However, it’s about to hit the mainstream…
(but more importantly, these key “energy
techniques” are about to be delivered to you,
for F.R.E.E)

Here’s a few data points besides Einstein:

As 17.6 million people watched Oprah’s final
show, guess what a main topic of her final show
was…  “It’s all ENERGY!”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, probably the most famous
medical doctor of our time has said,  “The Next
Big Frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine.”

Quantum Physics shows us how we are part
of one continuous energy field that we effect
with our thoughts…literally creating matter out
of light energy.

But at the forefront of this movement for utilizing
energy “tools” for personal transformation are
David and Kristin Morelli.

Kristin retired as a self-made multi-milli*onaire at
the age of 30 (using energy practices you’ll learn
here for F.R.E.E)

David went from being an emotionally constipated
engineer to transforming every area of his own
life using tools you’ll discover.

Together, David and Kristin Morelli, created the
Everything Is Energy Radio Show which has
risen to #3 behind Oprah on iTunes with 750,000
subscribers in the last two years.

Why does all this matter to you?

The Morellis have gathered the most cutting-edge
transformational leaders and the most powerful “energy
tools” to dramatically change your life in minutes…
and it’s F.R.E.E!

You’ve simply got to go to this F.R.E.E 6-Day
Event. (No travel required.) The transformation is
practically done-for-you!

It’s like a 6-Day “Whole-Life Makeover” for F.R.E.E
(as you rest in the comfort of your home!)  They
cover the areas of your life that matter most.

Here are some of the topics for the event
(6 Days, 2 topics each day):

“Incom*e Rocket:  How to Blow the Roof off of Y
our Incom*e Ceiling”
“How to Bend-Time and Get SH*T Done”
“10-Minutes to Endless Energy”
“Ending Intimacy Sabotage:  Secrets to creating
deep connection that lasts”

“Three Steps to a Satisfying S.e.x Life”
“Passion:  Igniting the Missing “Spark” for
“Tapping Into a Pain-F.r.e.e Life:  Relief that’s
moments away”

And More…

The best part is that every f.r.e.e session isn’t just
information…you’ll actually do the transforming
RIGHT ON THE CALL!  Plus, they’re not pitching
you anything on the calls…it’s actually “pitch f.r.e.e”
as well as “cost f.r.e.e”.

This could be the most important event of the year to
change your life forever!

Go sign up here:

I’ve experienced these tools myself and I’m obviously
a raving fan.  I know you’ll love it too!


Carol Lawrence

P.S.  These Quick And  Easy 5-min energy tools that
are SO FRICKIN’ Powerful!  You can use them no
matter what situation, problem or challenge you are
facing.  And let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great to have an
instantly effective toolkit for difficult times?

P.P.S.  Your grandchildren will lovingly “tease” you about
the days when you didn’t know this stuff.  That’s how
powerful and pervasive this is about to become.  Enjoy it!

Click here to register!