Jul 23, 2011

Did you know everything is energy?

Do you know everything around you is energy. Every tree, rock, flower, phone..
Every thought you have  is energy.
Do you feel connected to this energy? Is your life flowing smoothly for you right now? Life feels really hard when you are disconnected. Would you like to connect with others on a more conscious living and parenting path? Learning the fundamentals of energy and how to take care of yourself energetically can change your life. Take control and own your own energy.

What if you had hidden superpowers, but
didn’t realize it?

Discovering energy tools is like discovering
your Hidden Superpowers… you can leap over
the obstacles that used to make you feel
trapped, to get f.r.e.e in an instant. (You
probably won’t believe me until you try it,
but it’s true.)

Here's how to find out how:

1) Click this link:

2) You’ll see two powerful leaders ( and laugh
in the first 5 seconds)

3) They’ll reveal how to get to the root
cause of your pain, blocks and problems in 10
minutes or less.  (You’ll find a way to access
what feels like superpowers, but is real and
inside you.)

4) You’ll discover a hidden secret of life
transformation. (Essential!)

5) You’ll say to yourself, “Thank you "God", "Spirit", "Angels". This
is what I was looking for.” Thank you for guiding me to this free life changing event.

6) Register for f.r.e.e access to
start creating dramatic transformation.

Here’s the link:

The World Wide Energy Summit begins this week so register now. (It's free)
It’s easy, but be ready to be blown away with
the simplicity, elegance and power of what
you’ll discover.

So many people feel trapped by obstacles in
life, or worse they’ve given up hope, slipping
into silent struggle.  Don’t let yourself be
that person.  This can be easily overcome or
avoided by learning simple tools to clear any
obstacle, release struggle effortlessly, and
get into clear, aligned action to fulfill your

Click this link and make it happen for

Carol Lawrence

P.S.  I’m so passionate about helping you get
what you need, so I’m willing to be blunt…Not
clicking this link is kind of like saying,
“I’d rather not easily and effortlessly change
my life for the best,” (and for F.R.E.E)  Think
about it: at some point resisting easy and
effective change just doesn’t make sense anymore.

P.P.S.  Einstein, Oprah, and Deepak Chopra agree…
The foundation is sound…
The techniques are simple and powerful…
The results are life-changing…
The cost is F.R.E.E…

Event Hosts: David & Kristin Morelli
David Morelli – A highly sought after Intuitive for top leaders in personal growth, David’s ability to see, read, and heal energy provides the foundation of the extraordinary breakthroughs people experience. An expert in personal transformation, he shares wisdom and laughter with thousands. Serving as a catalyst for transformation in the world, David is dedicated to teaching others - and awakening everyone to their powerful innate abilities to do the same.

Kristin Morelli - A self-taught intuitive, Kristin retired as a self-made multimillionaire and as a single mom at age 30, only to come out of retirement to be a leader in the consciousness movement that is sweeping this planet. Her inspiration is to help people walk the path of authenticity, empowerment and spiritual growth. She brings lightness, fun, and freedom along with tremendous clarity and wisdom to all areas of the awakening journey. 

Click here to register!

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Raise your intuition.
Control your pain.
Find a new career path and so much more......
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sheila said...

I'm LATE! How did I miss this as much as I am here??? Okay, I love that she used 'frickin' in the video... lol... I'm listening to something else now in their blue room.
Thanks, I hope I find these online afterwards!

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Better late than never. Each show is available for 24 hours to re-listen to and then after that it's a paid for package deal. All of the shows are worth having on your ipod or mp3 to re-listen to. Thanks for stopping by. We really hope you'll join in on our live chat Tuesday night.