Apr 13, 2014

A Fun Color Breathing Activity To Do With Your Children To Charge, Clear and Balance Their Energy Fields.

(An example of handy colored items found around the house.)

Color Breathing With Your Children.

Here is a fun simple color breathing activity to do with your child to clear, charge and balance their energy field. 

You are going to need a container to hold your colored objects. A plastic bowl, bucket or basket will work just fine. Next, gather 7-10 colored objects. Choose any color you would like such as blue, green, yellow, Indigo, purple, rose, gold or white. The colored objects can simply be colored paper, pieces of cloth, toys or handy items found around the house. Together with your children choose the colors you will be using and send everyone on a scavenger hunt to find items of these colors.

Place all the objects in your container. The goal of the activity is to not think about the color but to feel it and become the color.

Together choose your first color. As an example we'll choose Red. Hold the red item in your hand. Take some deep breaths, breathing in and out. Feel the color. Look at the color. Breath in the color. Breath out the color. Fill your whole body with the color red. Pass the red object to your child. Speak out loud and have your child repeat after you until they learn the words on their own.

I am breathing in the color red. I feel the color red moving through-out my body. I am becoming the color red. Breathe in and out a few more times. Next, pick another color. Repeat the action steps.

After everyone participating in the activity has energetically absorbed each color be sure to have a discussion about their experience.

Did they notice certain colors made them feel a certain way? Was one color more relaxing or enjoyable than another color? Did blue feel more tingly than red or vice versa? Let them explore and share their feelings about breathing with color.

This energetic activity not only clears, charges and balances their energy fields but it teaches them about self-awareness.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful exercise to help children become more intune with how they feel.

I like how parents and children can make a game out of finding the colored objects before settling down. --and wouldn't it be interesting to compare what objects each member of the family gravitates toward?

I could see this activity taking on lots of different aspects, in addition to balancing energy.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

It would be interesting to compare what objects each member gravitates towards. Parents could incorporate learning colors, shapes, I spy and more into this game. A game that teaches a very important energetic tool.