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Mar 26, 2013

Prevent a SUGAR habit By NADINE, N.D., C.N.S

Prevent a SUGAR habit
Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

Hello and thank you for reading another edition in the sugar series. This article addresses ways on preventing a sugar habit, especially while raising children. Heartfelt thanks and humble gratitude go out to each of you who contributed to this offering of possible solutions for others to explore. As with anything I write, should you as the reader find value in this information, please feel free to share it with another. If this is not for you, a simple thank you I pass, is acceptable.

habit can be defined as an established disposition or practice, meaning it is settled, ingrained, and recurrent. A habit is often unconscious and can be difficult to give up. What is clear with a habit is the behavior or activity was acquired through frequent repetition. If something is done repetitively, an addiction to that behavior or item is formed. As a Nutrition Specialist, when I see what I term as a sugar addiction, years of frequent repetition have occurred. Some of my clients repeat their habit or addiction in public, others hide their behavior. With any form of abuse, common identifiers can include words like hide, dishonest, punish, belittle, anger, lack of trust, self-hatred paired with a low self-esteem.

While exploring ways to prevent sugar addiction and/or sugar abuse, an opportunity exists to create frequent repetition