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Dec 31, 2011

Getting Clear In 2012 By Carol Lawrence

Do you write new years resolutions?
Do they usually work out well for you?
Do you commit yourself to your resolutions?

I can remember being a little kid thinking 2012 is so far away. I really thought back then we would all be driving hover crafts by now and that I would have grown up to be a "Solid Gold" dancer. (Past popular TV show).

Dreams change as we change with each passing breath. Like many of you I have written down my new years resolutions year after year. Some have been accomplished some have not. I'm pretty good at learning something new or completing a goal once I set my mind to it.

As I lay on my couch typing this blog post on my iPad and nursing a cold, I have been reflecting back on the past year. Many changes have taken place in my life and those around me. I'm grateful for

Jun 12, 2011

Interview With Jeff Brown Author Of Soulshaping

Jeff could you please tell me about yourself? Do you have any children or wish to someday?

I wouldn’t know where to start, or end :) (b) I do not have biological children, although I have been like a parent for most of my adult life. I have many people close to me who I meet that need with. I do, though, still imagine that I will one day adopt or have children, after the book writing madness has let me go. The Divine Mother has her own ideas about my creative output.

How did Soulshaping come about?

It was birthed in a soulnami of inner dimensions. I always knew I was going to write but I had much to do in the form of prep work first- Divine Preparation at the School of Heart Knocks. When the moment was right, it pushed through me like a torrent, demanding to be expressed.

What advice would you give a parent who is choosing to walk a conscious parenting path?

Do your own inner work. And do it often. Clear your own emotional debris. Learn your own projections and patterns. And continue to prioritize your quest for your own unique purpose. The more aligned you are with your own purpose, the more satisfied you will be when the kids demand your attention.

You never know when your soul is going to call out and draw you into choosing a more connected path. Walking your true path is not easy, but it is more rewarding than stumbling along.

Any suggestions for teens who are venturing out into the world? Tips on how to listen to their inner guidance, connect with their soulular phone?

Don’t let anyone else tell them who they are. Even well intentioned advice givers cannot know anyone else’s unique path. Also, create space in your life for developing a relationship with your inner voice. The deeper you go, the higher you will climb later in life.

What was the publishing process like for you? Did you go the traditional or self-publishing route?