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Aug 17, 2017

Building Self-Esteem And Confidence

We are honored to have one of our recent articles published on Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life.

Conscious Parenting Building Self-Esteem And Confidence

Key conscious parenting goals; qualities you want your children to have. High self-esteem, strong foundation, creative spirit, integrity, compassion, connection, respect for self, others and the environment. Instill a love for life. It is important to support your children’s endeavors no matter how creative they get. Remember they are children and their ideas will change many times. By encouraging them you are building their self-esteem and confidence. In turn feeding their mind, body, and soul. Be open to saying “yes” or at least hearing out their ideas. Encourage them to draw, speak their mind, ask questions, play musical instruments, try sports, sit quietly and read a book or play in the dirt. Every child is so unique and their sensitivity levels are vastly different. That’s why it is so vitally important to parent each child on their own individual level. It would not be wise to raise all your children the same way. They all have different needs and wants, it is up to you to be the conscious parent, allowing an organic conclusion to form and take place without you the parent having to be in constant control. It’s about allowing spiritual growth on this earthly playground.

Teaching Children How To Love Themselves. Help your children work through their feelings and teach them the importance of positive self-talk. Show them how to appreciate the little and the big things in life. Self-esteem is being developed throughout their life. By teaching them how to love and take care of themselves when they are little you are helping them to build a positive self-image, instill confidence and build your child’s inner strength.

Click Here To Read Entire Article. Please comment and share on the original article if our conscious parenting messages resonate with you. We'd love to write more for their parenting audience and need your support to show conscious parenting is an important topic. 

Together we can all support the inner light of the children and the parents choosing to walk a conscious parenting path.

Namaste, Carol and Stacy