Aug 11, 2017

Children's Book Review l The Laughing Witch

The Laughing Witch by Andrew Newman
Illustrations by Liesl Bell

"To All Who Laugh" it says in the book, which means this book must be for everyone!
Because who doesn't love to laugh?

The visuals in this book radiate fun and happiness. Children will not only embrace what they are hearing but what they are seeing as well.

"She called to the ones 
who lived here before:
I welcome your wisdom;
Your love I adore."

You believe everything on each page! Valuable simplistic kindness and priceless verbage!
To receive and to give back is such an important tool to use through all human's lifetime.

The gratitude and love the kids are hearing while reading this book is above and beyond, beautifully written as can be.

"I thank all of life
for giving to me;
these fruits of the forest
I give back to thee."

You can feel it deep in your soul. 
A Must Read! We Say!

This review is by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence 

We encourage you to listen in as author Andrew Newman discusses why the last 20 minutes of your child's day are so important.

This book is one of twelve from The Conscious Bedtime Story Club. Learn more about this delightful children's book series by visiting Andrews website.

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