Aug 9, 2017

Children's Book Review l The Boy Who Searched For Silence

The Boy Who Searched For Silence By Andrew Newman
Illustrated By Alexis Aronson

For those of us who start out thinking one thing and Voila! Bam! We find out another reality. We had the answers all along! We just need to be quiet and allow, to get out of our own way. The Boy Who Searched For Silence has a very compelling message and a wide range of emotions. From one extreme to the other.

Children will benefit from reading this book .
In search of bliss, silence, peacefulness and inner peace? Here are your answers parents.

We love all the special touches added to this book. Snuggle breathing at the beginning, the gratitude spiral at the end and the stickers for keeping track of how many times your child reads the book are all special additions.

We Love, Love, Love The Gratitude Spiral!  A great conversation starter for shy kids or kids that enjoy talking and want to share with others about their feelings.

This book is one of 12 from The Conscious Bedtime Series! A must have book series for every conscious parenting library.

Grab the kiddos and listen to Andrew Newman read The Boy Who Searched For Silence.
Purchase your very own copy on Andrews website or on Amazon!

Review by Stacy Toten and Carol Lawrence

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