Feb 20, 2017

6 Ways To Include Intuition In Your Parenting

Our intuition is always giving us signs.” ~ Author Eileen Fisher

We wanted to share with you a few ways you can include intuition in your parenting.

1. Ask your child how a particular situation made them feel.

2. After a bad day at school, ask them to describe it to you so you can help them process their feelings.

3. Show your children how to listen, feel, see, and experience their connections.

4. One way you can describe intuition to your child is by calling it their inner guidance system. It is one hundred percent completely intact. It just needs to be utilized by them by listening and staying in touch with their feelings.

5. Most parents feel a deep connection to their children. They are in touch through the invisible strands that connect each other. Another way you can help your children is to not doubt yourself ever when you receive a strong impression, a thought, a feeling or hear a message. 

6. Some people intuitively receive messages through smell. People get premonitions which could be in that second or a week down the road. There is also such a thing as receiving messages in the dream state.

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