Feb 27, 2017

Book Review: Hold On, Toby

Hold On, Toby is a delightful story that takes children on an amusing journey.

The bright and cheery illustrations bring Toby's adventure to life as he experiences the life cycle of the four seasons and learns how to trust the evolution of life.

It brings nature into a real living and breathing process. Your child can connect with nature and look at trees in a whole new light, plus experience life through the eyes of a maple leaf.

You can't help but feel connected!
Review by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

A former teacher, and mother of two, Janet Boucher has always had a passion for writing and for creating stories for children that help them to better understand the natural world around them. In her spare time Janet enjoys bicycling, “playing” in the kitchen, and singing in the community choir. She and her husband live on an island in southwest Florida. Hold On, Toby is her first published book.
Learn about Satiama Publishing, the publisher of this book, which has 17 awards and honors and huge sales since its launch in fall 2014. A wonderful tale of conscious connection.
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