Mar 7, 2017

Connecting On Your Child's Level

There are very subtle, simple ways you can connect with your child on their level.

My sons are now in their twenties, I woke up this morning with vivid memories of playing video games with them.

Video games were not my most favorite thing to do, but the time we spent together is priceless.

Since the time they were allowed to play video games was regulated, it was special. Video game time was monitored. My husband and I made sure they spent time on other things such as creative play, reading, board games, homework and their nightly routine.

I always found a way to join in their fun on their level.

When they were younger. I would read them a bedtime story every night, sometimes several books at a time.

More times than not this special time right before bed turned into great discussions of wonder and sharing. As they got older they would read to me.

I was always on the look out for ways I could join them at their level.

One of the ways was with video games. Luckily the games they had then were not at the difficulty level the games are of today. I would be left in the dust!! 

Back in the day, I could take on the common enemy in Contra, bounce Mario around or fly with Star Fox.

Spending some quality time playing together opened up doorways of conversation. The roles of child and parent temporarily melted away as we joined in unison of having fun.

Other ways I found moments to connect were while camping, watching football together, fishing..... Yes, I have boys. 🙂

We connect with our children daily but it's not always on a deeper level. 

How can you bring a deeper level of connecting into your parenting? I can tell you most of the time it's not planned. Simply join in an activity at their level and let the bonding begin.

This could be during homework time, doing a craft together, playing with dolls, walking in nature, trips to the park, etc. The more present you are with your children the more you allow these moments to transpire.

Carol Lawrence is the mother of two grown sons, a grandmother and a wife to her husband of 30+ years. She resides in the mountains of Montana. She shares her passion for conscious parenting here at Intentional Conscious Parenting and her passion for helping her clients amplify their brands and share their passions with the world through her Social Media Help 4 U business.

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