Apr 15, 2021

An Energetic Clearing Tool To Teach Your Children

Water, it’s more than a life force, it’s a rejuvenator and a purifier. 

If you’ve followed the work of Dr. Emoto’s work in his book The Hidden Messages Of Water you already know how incredible water truly is. 

It does more than just keep us alive and cleanse us physically. It cleans our energy field as well. 

An excellent conscious living tool is to create a habit of visualizing all your stuck energy, stress, and anxiety going down the drain. 

Concentrate on the feeling of the water on your skin. In your minds eye see the water washing away your negative thoughts, anger, anxiety or any unwanted energy. 

See your chakras radiantly glowing with bright colors expanding out beyond your body. 

Release, knowing, unwanted energies are washing down the drain. 

This can also work while bathing, swimming and playing in water. Teach your children how to practice letting water clear the energy, becoming one of their treasured energetic tools. 


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