Jul 9, 2009

Are humans evolving faster?

There is so much new information out supporting an interesting topic.
Are humans evolving faster?
I am currently reading a book called "The genie in our genes" By Dawson Church, PH.D
It is a fabulous book outlining epigenetic medicine and the new biology of intention.
More and more information is available on how our thoughts and feelings effect our bodies.
I highly recommend checking out this book. It mentions the magnetic fields that our hearts and brains puts out. The information about the magnetic fields produced by the human heart are fascinating. The magnetic field put out by our heart is 5,000 times stronger than the field put out by our brain.
Greg Braden explains this well in the following video. Our heart's magnetic fields were detected by satellites during the time of 9/11/2001

Understanding of the hearts magnetic field.

Another great article worth reading is: Are Humans Evolving Faster?

Here's another great example that humans are evolving,
Quantum kids video:
There's a group of kids in Japan that demonstrate how they can tell you what books are about without even reading the material. They determine what the books are about by what they feel, see and smell. The video is only about eight minutes long. This is a great video to share with your kids and have an open discussion on what our minds are capable of.
By: Carol Lawrence

Quantum kids video

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