Feb 24, 2010


Are you teaching your child to have a relationship with their inner voice? 
Do you have a relationship with your inner voice?
The benefits of this vital tool can last a lifetime. 

1. What are you feeling?
2. How are you feeling?
3. Are you even having a feeling? 

By tuning into your inner feelings you are able to learn how to decifer what your gut instincts are trying to tell you.
Your inner voice you have within you is your own inner guidance system. 
It is available 24/7. It is up to us to utilize this gift. Every human being on this planet is born with this ability. This ability can be recognized by many different names such as:
Sixth Sense
Gut Instinct
Inner Awareness

Are you tuned in or are you tuned out?

When you are tuned out you are not listening, your feelings are shut off! 
Part of being tuned out could feel like your out of balance, things are just not jiving, something just feels a little off.  You definitely cannot connect with your inner voice if  you are tuned out.

What is your experience? What has happened in your life when you listened to your inner voice? What about when you weren't listening?

By: Stacy Toten & Carol Lawrence

The Wise Child: A Spiritual Guide to Nurturing Your Child's IntuitionThe Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic ChildrenThe Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You


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