Mar 28, 2010

What Is Intentional Conscious Parenting?

When I think about intentional parenting, I think about raising children in a world that is open minded, awake and full of awareness. Setting a plan with the intention of actively participating in our childrens lives. Our role as parents is way more important than just providing shelter and food for our children. Our role as parents is critical in helping to establish a foundation within our children for which they will continue to grow upon and fall back upon when needed in life. Intentional parenting is not about controlling and molding your child into a mini you. It is about guiding them and inspiring them to become who they came here to be.

Tools and techniques of "Intentional Parenting" are:
  • Listening & tuning into your higher-self and spirit for guidance in your parenting.
  • Consistently working on using your intuition and teaching/showing your children how to do the same.
  • Giving your children the best start in life by being choosy about the vibrations your child is surrounded by: Environment, people, music, tv programs. Surround them with positivety as much as possible.
  • Encourages children to bring out the best within themselves. Confidence, creativity,  inner awareness, connectivity to the incredible planet we live on and all her creatures. Connection to others.
  • Realizing your child is an individual soul coming here for a new experience. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Some even say our children pick us before incarnating.
  • We understand we are not wiser or better than our children. They may start out small but inside they are powerful beings here to exchange this experience with us.
  • Along the way we learn from each other. We are open to the lessons and wisdom our children have to teach us.
  • We raise our children with the awareness everything and everyone are all interconnected but are on individual learning paths. Sometimes paths cross, sometimes they go their own ways.
  • Even though we have the awareness that we all our interconnected we allow each individual to walk their own paths and discover their own truths.
  • I encourage my children to always seek their own truths. They can use my beliefs/foundation as a sounding board or a beginning but should always be searching, learning and divinely establishing their own truths.
  • Teach change is always constant! How we handle change in our life demonstates valuable tools for our children.
I greatly welcome your comments on what you feel constitutes intentional parenting?
Please share your ideas and tools you use. We all learn as we go along life's journey.
Feel free to share your journey.

As Debby Carman says in her book Purrlonia's Lullaby "we are all connected by threads and by strings, we are all affected by the very same things".

Purrlonia's Lullaby

"Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life" - Maya Angelou

Written by: Carol Lawrence

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Anonymous said...

This post was fabulous. Very valuable the tools really do work I have used them my self while raising my children... It has really worked for me...They are tremendous funtioning adults with tools of there own now....