May 16, 2010

Stunning Baby Photos!

Kynan White
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. White for sharing your amazing photos with all of us!
Photos Take By Red Light Studios In Missoula Montana


Did you see this book? Sleeping Beauties Newborns in Dreamland.
Amazing baby photos. These books would make great gifts for new parents, photographers, baby lovers, baby shower gifts. They are so darn cute!

Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words.
~Abraham Hicks


Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hi Stacy and Carol! Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog! Your comment about the Vita-mix led me to come here and let you know that I am an Vita-mix affiliate, so if you ever decide to make the investment, you could click on the ad on the sidebar of my blog, place your order, and I will get a small commission!

By the way, this post is wonderful. I'm going to have to look into getting that book, and if I do, I will definitely do it by clicking on your link!

Have a great day!

Mama Hen said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Mama's Little Chick!! I look forward to getting to know your blog! Hope to see you around the Hen House!

Mama Hen

Lucy said...

Those pictures are simply gorgeous.

I was immediately drawn to your blog when I saw that you both love mother earth and spirituality. Two of the most important things in the world. Following :)

Robin @ Blommi said...

These truly are fantastic pics.

Your link on Blog Flow has a typo in it BTW, there is an extra "ent" in the url. I would hate to have someone miss out on visiting you :)

Sarah said...

These are great pictures!

Thanks for visiting my site! I am following you too now!

Kelly said...

I am a HUGE fan of b&w photography...I miss the old fashioned 35 mm when I used to develop my own...
Thanx for posting, these are beautiful :)