Nov 22, 2010

What is the Best Thing about Your Kids?

Great discussion happening at our ICP Blog Frog Community.

What is the Best Thing about Your Kids? | Intentional Conscious Parenting

How would you answer that question? We'd love to hear your answers.
Come and express your admiration for your children in our BF community.

Is it their smile? How they make you feel?
How they know when you need a hug?

The way they connect with everyone around them?



sheila said...

Hands down it is their ability to access a situation and also I love how they afford themselves personal space!

Kitty said...

The best thing about my children is different for each child. For my oldest daughter, the best thing about her is her sense of logic. How she assesses things is just amazing to me. For my youngest, the best thing about her is her quirkyness. She's just so funny and silly and will do anything to make you smile. Love my kids! Love your site!

Anonymous said...

Yes! That is definitely one of the best things! I love how my little guy just knows when I need a hug! What a blessing!

Unknown said...

The funny things they say. e.g. when he wanted a cuddle at bedtime, he wanted it to be from me because "daddy's got fur" (meaning stubble) "but you are just right".

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Thanks for all the great comments ladies. Thank you Kat for the kudos on our site! Jewel that is so funny. You should post that on the blogfrog discussion. (The link is above)