Jan 26, 2011

Have you seen the newest ebook news? $1 Billion in sales predicted for 2011

For all my fellow authors I wanted to make sure you saw this article! I'm embarking on an adventure of writing an ebook soon.
*Do you have any tips?
*Where's a good place to get an ebook cover?
*Does it cost to make an ebook?
*Have you written an informative article about writing ebooks? Please share your link if you have.


Grace said...

Good luck on your E-book and keep me updated.

sheila said...

go through createspace.com VERY easy and lots of forum help available. No upfront costs.

Young Yoga Masters said...

I revamped my home page to focus on getting people to sign up for my free ebook and it's working wonders. I wrote the book using some of my buried blog posts from days gone by. So it didn't take too long to put together and its getting sign ups.

My e-training has been harder to sell. The tricky part for me has been determining the price point. I've sold a few and have covered my costs, but haven't got rich in my sleep as so many seem to promise.

I used my husbands skills for the covers.

I use E-junkie to deliver my product, they are the best price I have found, especially if you only have one - ten products. And they have affiliate links for everything:


All the best. I'm looking forward to hearing your experience of it.