Feb 10, 2011

Today's The Day! Live Chat Tonight. 7:30 PM Eastern

Today is the day!
We are excited to announce we will be having a live chat with author Annie Burnside, M.ED. 
She will be here to talk about her new book Soul To Soul Parenting, dialog with you and answer your questions. 
~Thursday February 10th  7:30 PM Eastern~ 
Prizes included but not limited too:
  • Soul To Soul Parenting By: Annie Burnside, M.ED
  • Free Thinking Human Being T-Shirt
  • Blessed Elements T-Shirt
  • M.A.S.S. 101 Mann Approaching Simple Soulutions Book. By: Stacy & Ed Toten
  • Children'sPicture Book: You with the stars in your eyes By: Deepak Chopra 
  • A beautiful handmade pin by Grace. She used felt, polymer clay, yarn and beads.  Hand embroidered. These pins are all hand made and the faces are done by hand and not from a mold .
Winners will be chosen randomly and will be posted after live event.
Please share this event and time with your friends.
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Becky Jane said...

This sounds like a great event to attend. I've not done this kind of thing before, but I'm going to try it out tonight! I just hope my lack of computer savvyness doesn't get in the way! lol