Apr 4, 2011

Insight from The Self Aware Parent

"Responding to a crying infant is the first acknowledgement of feelings~ soothing a baby lets him know that you care and understand. In toddler-hood children begin to look for words to identify their feelings, especially strong emotions, like fear, anger, or sadness. These emotions can be scary for a child and they need someone they trust to normalize the experience."

Lesson:  Children need to release and talk about feelings. Allow your children to share what they are feeling and help them discover tools to deal with powerful emotions. ~ Cathy Cassani Adams
The Self Aware Parent



Keda said...

That is true. Crying it Out is not a system I condoled on any level. But now that my daughter is 2, I have found that from time to time she does test the waters, either by moaning or throwing a tantrum. Of course this too is an expression of emotions that needs to be dealt with. The problem comes with testing the boundaries. When do you give in and when do you stand firm? When are you creating a person with an EQ and when are you creating a brat. It's not easy being a parent.

Carol Lawrence And Stacy Toten said...

Your right Keda, it's not easy being a parent. That's why trusting our intuition and being tuned into our children is so important in the parenting process. We learn as we go along. We also learn what they need and how to handle their meltdowns and tantrums. Thank you for reading our blog. We really appreciate your comment.

I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Thanks so much for your insightful comment on my blog and for sharing info about conscious parenting. I just joined your community.