Jun 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day and ICP Updates

Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Fathers who read our blog. Your role is vital and we salute you. Enjoy your day. We'd love to hear about your Father's Day stories.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our live chat with Jeff Brown Tuesday June 14th. We all had a lot of fun connecting and growing our Soulpods! If you missed the chat that's OK because all our chats are available to be read at your leisure. All prize winners will be notified by email.

1. There is a brand new page added at the top of our blog: "Live chat recaps."  We've listed all our chats so they are accessible at any time.

2. We've also updated our "Book Review" page so you can easily look over the books we've reviewed and find our more information about the authors.

Live Chat Line Up: There are no scheduled chats for the month of July. We are taking this time to work on our submissions and begin our second children's book and to play outside as much as possible. In Montana Summer's are short so you need to make the most of it. Mother Nature is calling. Our blog will still be as active as ever so be sure to tune in. 

Chats will start up again in August.
August 2nd. ~  Caron Goode ~ Raising Intuitive Children
August 23 ~  Gina Otto ~ Cassandra's Angel
September 27th ~ Cathy Cassani Adams returns to tell us about her new book. 
We will have more information about these wonderful authors, their books and live chats coming soon.

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Thank you for supporting us and for reading our blog!

~ Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

Are you an author who's vision, expertise, book, articles, etc fit in with Intentional Conscious Parenting? We would love to share your content during the month of July. Email articles to Carol at intunedparenting@gmail.com

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