Jun 14, 2011

Live chat TONIGHT with Jeff Brown author of SoulShaping A Journey Of Self-Creation

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Live chat with Jeff Brown Tonight!

A lucky chat winner will be winning a copy of Jeff Brown's book SoulShaping.
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Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation
Date: June 14th
Author: Jeff Brown is the author of SOULSHAPING and many articles. Jeff writes for Good Morning America.
Topics: We will be talking with Jeff about his compelling new book SoulShaping, spiritual health, inner growth, how to look for answers within yourself and more. Here's your chance to ask Jeff all your questions!

Here's just a few of the awe inspiring reviews of Soulshaping. Be sure to also read our review and tell us what you think! We want to hear from you.

Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D. Author of "Spiritual Bypassing, Transformation Through Intimacy" and; "Meeting the Dragon"
"A brave book this is, a book that serves our own journey of awakening and healing, simply by being so unswervingly and nakedly human. This is not just another book about soul, but a book saturated WITH soul.Don't just read it; plunge into it, letting it carry you to where you are broken enough to be whole, no longer separating body and soul."

Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher, Best-selling auther of BE HERE NOW
"Soulshaping does an EXCELLENT job of demonstrating how we can listen to and follow our soul's guidance in the midst of life."

Connect with Jeff Brown

Our live chat with Jeff Brown will take place here  TONIGHT June 14th! Bookmark our site and put a note next to your computer and on your calendar. You don't want to miss this live chat.

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