Jun 10, 2011

Soulshaping A Journey Of Self-Creation Review

Jeff Brown's Soulshaping A journey of self-creation is a life changing soul-shifting journey of one mans metamorphis. If your ready to excavate your inner caverns of self this book will guide you on your way.

Soulshaping is the optimal demonstration of walking one's true path.

Jeff Brown summons the power of the explicable graphic dance between walking a disconnected path or choosing a soulshifting, life changing, conscious shaping path. He demonstrates the willingness and depth one must be willing to go through to unveil their soul, their purpose, their path.

Soulshaping encourages others to join in the transformation of spirit. Together we can change the collective consciousness by changing ourselves one person at a time.

Are you willing to dance with your inner calling?

As you unwrap the gift of Soulshaping A journey of self-creation we wanted to share a few little soulular snippets with you from Jeff Brown.

"Strive to reach the stage where your most significant choices and actions are emanating from the soul outward, uninfluenced by the world at large."

"As we honor our calling, we grant it more space inside of us. Light begets light- at a certain point, there is no way to escape the inner beacon. Our calling begins to soak every aspect of our lives, whatever the cost or inconvenience. We cannot live without our call because our call has become us. Path decisions then come straight from the heart of true-path, and we move only when our soul motor tells us to."

If what you have just read resonates within you, we highly suggest you pick up a copy today. You will never look at life the same way. Jeff Brown's brilliant formulas will immerse you in the school of heart knocks. Soulshaping will enwaken parts of you and guide you on a deliberate purpose driven, soul searching journey.

Review by Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

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How true >"Our calling begins to soak every aspect of our lives, whatever the cost or inconvenience. "