Sep 6, 2011

Messages From Your Children Live Call With Suzy Miller

September 9 th
9:00 AM PST
Many parents, grandparents and those who work with children do not have the opportunity to ask these children direct questions about what is going on for them and/or about their experience. However many children who are not able or willing to communicate verbally are more than willing to telepathically communicate and share their thoughts, ideas and insights about all kinds of issues when the opportunity presents itself. From this place they know what they need and what will help!
After twelve years of telepathic communication with all kinds of children, of all ages and in varied situations, I am certain that most of your questions can get answered. I am also certain that you will benefit from the response to all of the questions presented, while learning things about your children that you never dreamed possible.
This call will offer a general message from the children as well as address your specific questions and concerns!
I look forward to having you on the call!

We love Suzy! The work she is doing around the world helping Autistic children is phenomenal, ground breaking and soooooo needed. Thank you Suzy for following your path.

Parents, if you have an autistic child or a child with learn disabilities please follow up on Suzy's work.
It could change your life and your child's.

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