Sep 25, 2011

Stacy Toten On Intentional Conscious Parenting

Our focused listening from within, can really tune in our sensitivities, bringing us a wealth of insight about ourselves and the world around us. Listening, I mean really listening to your child can provide valuable information about them as individuals. Some children have a hard time expressing themselves. If you raise them in an intentional conscious way you will sense this and be able to talk about and walk them through their issues and fears that may arise or that they may be trying to hide. As parents this would be a good time to read between the lines, trust your feelings and help them to vocalize their concerns. This is a choice we as humans have to listen quietly from within and act on our intuition.  We are all born with this so why not enhance this valuable tool so that our children can utilize it their whole lives. One way it can be described is as our inner guidance system. It comes completely intact when you are born, you just need to acknowledge and utilize it by listening, staying in touch with your feelings and intuition, trusting what's coming through you and knowing that your angels and guides are always with you.

The more you acknowledge and develop this tool it just becomes second nature to you.
Children are very intune with their needs, the foods they like or don't like, the people they do or do not want to hug or be around. There are reasons for this. They are not being difficult or snobs, they are unaware of this type of behavior until you teach it to them. They can be cautious by instinctively going by their feelings, honor this in them. Do not force upon them hugs or foods that their taste buds despise.(That you may love by the way.) They are evolving daily, allow them this gift. Guide them. Protect them. Do not man handle and mold them to be what you want them to be. Teach them to live in society with purpose and passion. Always remember you are raising an adult. Children do also teach parents a thing or two. My own children have taught me some very valuable tools~ messages~thinking processes and even opened doors that I was fully unaware of. Your kids need to know they matter - listen to them. They could be one of the best teachers you have ever had. Shhhhhh, listen ...........don't always talk first...shhhhhh.....feel .

Written By Stacy Toten, Intuitive Parenting Adviser, blogger, author and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show.

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