Dec 1, 2011

Inspirational Gifts By Angelica Rose

As the holidays get closer, we will be sharing websites and holiday ideas we feel you may be interested in.

Angelica Rosea national gifted essence training specialist since 1991 
please go to to learn more

Products by Angelica:

Living Life as You Always Dreamed (ISBN 0963930419) 
Free yourself from distractions, such as, negativity, self-doubt, judgment, time wasters, and problem-focus that divert you from ‘living’ life to Serendipitous living such as, unconditional love, bliss, fulfillment and peace. Distractions are self-destructive. The ability to recognize your distractions, to evolve through self-awareness, and the process of letting go, will enable you to approach life and relationships in a more balanced and loving way.
· Live a Serendipitous life filled with positives, peace, love and joy
· Communicate and listen more effectively 
· Improve relationships 
You’ll discover ways to improve relationships and experience greater joy and love never before known and prosperity leading to greater efficiency and fulfillment.

Secrets To Running A Successful Business (ISBN 0963930400) 
 Illustrates many of the effective methods used in today's business world as a leader.
* Easy to read format
* Covers the facets to increase success & avoid costly mistakes
* Action guide, getting direct results on what is taught
* Proven success formulas used by millions

NEW TALK: Serendipity Living and 8 Chakra Points CD 
Talk CD: Acquire tools to live a harmonious life, move into Serendipity living and Experience quiet mind, calm emotions and relaxed body. Learn about Chakras, their benefits and releasing and balancing them.

Chakra Purification/Balance, expansion & Intention Creating (ISBN 0963930451) 
Relaxation CD to Purify, Balance & Expand the frequency of the Chakras, & Create an Intention you wish to manifest in your life.

15 Minutes Revitalization (ISBN 0963930427) - relaxation CD
  A guided meditation CD to relax and enhance clarity and direction.
* Relax in only 15 minutes with tested successful results
* Guided meditation with piano music in the background

Inspirations-40 inspirational messages with pictorials on software
* New message daily or switch to any of the 40 messages
* Easy to install on an IBM or compatible computer with windows

Inspirational Stickers:
'what you believe, you perceive and eventually you receive,' 
'believe peace' 
'think GOD, feel GOD'

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