Mar 16, 2012

Lay your head against a tree and learn what life could really be

Here's a poem my oldest son wrote when he was in 6th grade.
Tony is an Indigo through and through. He's always rejected any kind of box type thinking. He's a free thinker. He can't stand authority or rigid rules. He's a system buster and an awareness bringer. His generation is the generation holding the space for all the new energy (crystal and rainbow children) to enter our planet. Watch for huge changes to take place over the next 20 years! ~ Carol Lawrence (yes he likes to camp in the winter)

Hello all my funny friends
Come and join me in my Mercedes Bens
Look at this world of exaggerated fame
Turn into a big ball of flame
Go on ahead and live this lie
while I teach myself how to fly
I know the truth about all of this
why can't you see through the mist?
There's more to life than money and politics
We don't need technology or drug addicts
So let's just give a new meaning to life, 
And teach our children so
They can teach it to theirs.
Now lay your head against a tree and learn
what life could really be.
~Tony Lawrence~

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carol l mckenna said...

Carol ~ this is a marvelous poem ~ wonderful ~ Bright Mom ~ Bright son ~ thanks for linking up to my Magical Monday Blog Meme ~ namaste, Carol ^_^