Apr 9, 2012

Prayer For The Planet

Sharing a request from our beautiful friend P.

"I am asking for your thoughts and prayers over this week for a major healing that is taking place. The power of the heart is mighty and so huge. In a quiet moment each day this week if you would lovingly and gently place your hand on your heart and feel the depth and expansion of love. Feel it for yourself and if you will, allow it to flow out to your family, your community, and like ripples on a pond, expanding out over our beautiful planet.  Breathe it into your heart and out to the Universe." Patricia Cloud

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Mom On A Spiritual Journey said...

I agree with your friend. Last night I meditated because I felt so sad, like I wanted to cry, but I knew from experience that it wasn't my 'stuff'.

I saw a crystal heart and was guided to meditate on a crystal heart inside of me which is connected via the crystal grid to everyone else on the planet. Time to work on the heart area!

Energy hugs
A Mom On A Spiritual Journey